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Home milestone 1499
Map code NL
Known for Lavish parties and good savings, better prayers

Newland is a new land and a new town in Godville. Because of how far it is from the capital, Godville , as well as how long it takes for one hero to make the journey there, Newland is not a very populated place. As the name suggests, it means "Civilization newly arises".

If a hero actually manages to reach Newland then they can expect for their prayers to be heard more clearly and answered more adequately by their god/goddess since prayers are better in Newland. Also, once there, the hero will most likely attend multiple get togethers and over the top parties thrown by many residents and shop owners. The guilds that hold the most "guild influence" in Newland are known for hosting a few of the best, but not talked about, bashes of the centuries!

Your hero may not leave this place for a little while, on account of having to recuperate from a major hang over, or simply from just not wanting to leave the town at all. A god/goddess may have to voice command the hero/heroine to "continue quest" or "return to quest" if they really want the hero to get back to work. This is the last town that the heroes will visit, as no one wanted to discover a town any further than this.


Not much is known about this town but credible sources believe it to be found by adventurous heroes who built a bar there. Eventually more people came and colonized it into a town. It was creatively named Newland.

It smells new too, has only the newest fashions, the newest shoes, newest mayor, the cutting edge of the newest beers too, mmmmmm beer.
— Adventurer
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