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New eras
Guild Page: New eras 

=== New Eras=== A Communist State With A Pure Goal!

Welcome to the New Eras Guild Wiki Page, here you will find all the information in regards to the guild and its operations.

General Information:

In this guild, we attempt to help new members reach newer and grander heights than ever before, be it dueling, building the temple or anything else imaginable! We offer support and guidelines for new members, and we are generally a very active guild. Not only do we help but also have fun in various ways, be it creating random stories within chat, or even have some good laughs along with some role-playing.

I do sincerely hope we will be your guild of choice. And we certainly hope you find joy in our Red Tide!

Kind Regards, The New Eras Guild

Guild Positions

Guild Leader

- Chairman Sephorous

Grand Advisors

These listed members are previous elected leaders of the Guild, due to their experience as leaders they can provide better information in regards to leadership and how to operate Guild utilities.

- Grand Advisor Commissar Harif

- Grand Advisor Commissar Sephorous

- Grand Advisor Commissar Almighty Dapper

High Council

These are positions that are held by members whom have the appropriate skill to hold them:

- Chancellor - Position Available

- Steward - Position Available

- Marshal - Position Available

- Spymaster - Position Available

- Cardinal - Position Available

Council of Librarians

These are positions that are held by members whom have the appropriate skill to hold them:

- Greybeard - Position Available

- Loremaster - Position Available

- Hentaimaster - Hestia the Bestia

Military Council

These are positions that are held by members whom have the appropriate skill to hold them:

- Bannerlord - Wolffollower

- Master Buttstabber - Kyzuha

- Master Duelist - Position Available

- Master Ranger - Position Available

- Master Pet Trainer - Tyrsong

Council of Artismen

These are positions that are held by members whom have the appropriate skill to hold them:

- Master Builder - Position Available

- Master Herbalist - Position Available

- Grand Artist - Position Available

- Master Joker - Position Available



These are renowned members of the guild whom have long since passed away, all hail their great passing. SALUTE FOR THE MOTHERLAND!

- Paragon God of nations

- Paragon Angel of Lightening

- Paragon Zarra Alice Star

- Paragon Nymphetamino

- Paragon Lhotun

- Paragon Slasherxo

- Paragon Nymphetaminegirl

- Paragon Zeinaiel

- Paragon Bust It Baby

- Paragon Denverdood

- Paragon Graveyard Owl

- Paragon Wilhelm the One

- Paragon God of Electricity

Famed Members

These are members whom have gained a positive notoriety amongst the Guild.

- Infamous Yamachatori527

- Infamous Master Buttstabber Kyzuha

- Infamous Master Pet Trainer Tyrsong

- Infamous Grand Advisor Harif


This lists the members only from Cardinal Rank

- Hentaimaster Hestia the Bestia

- Bannerlord Wolffollower

- Cupodmac

- Guild Leader Almighty Dapper

- Grand Advisor Sephorous

- Pale Rider

- Jerry Jerkin

- Kayleignhx3

- SonneBR

- Hookbill

- Jokerz

- Der Pouplen

- Dafty

- Marimo

- Ricktatoru

- You Know Who I Mean

Guild Quests

1) Build a wall to keep out Capitalism.

2) Build an even bigger wall to keep out bears.

3) Make other guilds pay for the wall. EQUALLY

4) Become number one guild in all guild pantheons.

5) Set up a GLORIOUS guild, with awesome people.

6) Tear down the capitalist regime of foolish pigs!

7) Erect a statue in homage to the glory of our Guild.

8) Fly the flag of our Guild in every guild hall.

9) Show the world what we have that they can never achieve through flawed ideologies.

10) Perfect the vision of our First Chairman Sephorous!!!


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