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Monsters of Godville
Balaenoptera inutilis
Class Fish
Habitat Out of water
Description Up to no good at all!

The Ne'er-do-whale (Balaenoptera inutilis (useless whale)) is a monster that is good for nothing. It is entirely worthless, ineffecutal, unsuccessful, completely lacking in merit, and good-for-nothing. Heroes can make Godville a better place by exterminating every single Ne'er-do-whale.

« Caught a Ne'er-do-whale selling tours of my unfinished temple as a historical ruin. After I chased it off I found 766 gold coins in a pot near the construction site. Maybe that guy was onto something! »



  • Lazy, good for nothing
  • Is big and carried around by birds


  • Motivational speakers
  • Too many people talking to it at once