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Project Verne

‘Project Verne’ is the strategy of forming a network of contacts across the Universal Realm, forming nodes of condensed activity to act as centrepoints of communication and personnel. To speak in less technical terms, this project is designed to create a guild for the Commander’s ease of access, wherever he may go! This, of course, includes forming local guilds for better resources, both material and manpower.
— Bee-Bee

The "secret" project of Corvus Silver, Project Verne is the concept of creating a wide-span network of allies and information, with the purpose of being able to acquire help and resources if he finds himself in a particularly difficult situation. It also provides a secondary benefit of making it easy to find other adventuring types to hang out and go on adventures with.

In certain worlds such as Godville, a guild will be formed to help create a central location or group for adventurers to congregate. The name of this guild is always


Hello! Nautilus was once known as a guild that preferred to isolate itself from the rest of Godville, comparable to a select group of people who did something similar on earth by spending their lives beneath the ocean in a submarine by the name of Nautilus.

Now, it is a guild that welcomes all sorts, especially those seeking to find more adventure in their lives. The only requirement is being able to reach the guild's headquarters, the massive airship known as

The Hailong

Corvus Silver, Commander of Nautilus during the Hailong's maiden voyage

Meaning "Sea Dragon", the Hailong is an airship designed by the droid Bee-Bee and built by dozens of robotic workers in the Sky Harbor on Atlantis. The titanic flying vessel measures approximately 7 km long and 3 km wide, making it larger than many cities and starcraft. Built in the design of a chinese junk ship, it propels itself through sky and space with sails that capture solar energy, riding the solar "winds produced by the nearest star. Inside, the entire crew is composed of robots, from the many-armed Mr. Octo workers to the disc-shaped SS1 flight drones, all protected by 3 squads of HK-52 combat droids. Each section of the ship's interior is isolated from the rest of the ship, connected by teleportation pads found in every area.

In the very center of the Hailong, the living quarters can be found, in the image of a village in a forest. Every building, from dining halls to recreational establishments to houses, appear from the outside like medieval-era buildings made from beige bricks with tiled roofs. The non-residential buildings have themed-layouts: one dining hall is themed in an oriental style, another like a rowdy brawl-ready tavern; the library combines elements of Ancient Greek and steampunk.