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Motto: "The good, the few, the Nauti."
Alignment: humane
Totem Monster: Dreadnautilus
High-level Rank: nautiest
Gold Fund: 72229 c.u.
Leader: GodS624 
Date Founded: 2294 g.e.
Membership Count: 76
Forum Headquarters: Nautilus
Guild Page: Nautilus 
Data current as of 2021/05/17

About Nautilus

We are a guild very proud of our standing in the pantheons. Overall, Nautilus is mature and laid-back. We're large enough to always be active, but small enough that you don't have to vie for attention as one of hundreds. Ask yourself: are you feeling nauti? Then this might be the place for you!

Gameplay Matters

Joining Nautilus

So, you want to be a part of our Nauti Family? If you're new to Godville, read the following to find out how to join our guild.

  • Your hero(ine) must be at least level 12 to join a guild.
  • Make sure your hero(ine) is not idling on the road and he/she's not in town, fighting any monsters, healing or trading with a roadside trader.
  • You don't have to cancel your current quest. Just send a god voice command stating Join the "Nautilus" guild. Note that the double quotes around the guild name must be included!
  • If your hero(ine) doesn't listen, try sending the message again after 20 or more seconds. Make sure that they are not doing anything else and they're outside town as mentioned above. It may take several tries, but eventually your hero(ine) should change their quest to become a member of Nautilus and write it down on their diary!
  • The quest itself may take a couple of days.

Guild Shenanigans

What happens next?

  • You'll be able to speak in the Guild Council (basically, guild chat) once you're a recruit. This takes three days. Until then, feel free to observe or stop by our thread! Once you're able to speak, we'd love to see you say hi and be active in the GC!
  • Occasionally your hero may try to leave the guild for a different guild. To stop this from happening, send the command cancel quest when your hero isn't fighting. This can take a few tries but eventually you should be able to change their mind! This stops happening at grand master rank.
    • As an addendum, your hero is less likely to consider leaving the guild if their personality matches the guild's alignment.
  • We like to use the octopus emoji (🐙) in our mottos to show solidarity for Nautilus! This is completely optional, but feel free to join in by adding it to your motto, too!
  • There are fun GC events to participate in like Foodie Toosdie, Innuensday, Show & Tell Thursday, Flood Day Friday, and Share a Song Sunday. You're welcome to participate or just watch as you please.

Getting the Attention You Deserve

Are you confused? Do you need any help on something?

Godville is a surprisingly deep game given its apparent outward simplicity. Never be afraid to stop by guild council (GC) with a question as someone will usually be able to point you in the right direction with gameplay tips and resources. If you don't feel comfortable asking in GC, feel free to send GodPortico  a message and she'll help you out. She's also more than willing to discuss ideabox if that's your cup of tea!

Get to Know the Nautis

Politicking in Nautilus

The following is a record of our current and past leaders.

God/Goddess Date Elected Nauti in Chief High-level Rank Mascot
GodPortico  17/04/13 GodLord Boom  not set Mortal Wombat
GodPortico  17/08/25 GodLord Boom  not set Mortal Wombat
GodPortico  18/01/07 GodLord Boom  not set Mortal Wombat
GodLord Boom  18/05/21 GodPortico  nautiest Mortal Wombat
GodS624  18/10/02 GodAlladona  nautiest Mortal Wombat
GodAlladona  19/02/14 GodIceandrews  nautiest Mortal Wombat
GodIceandrews  19/07/02 nautiest Mortal Wombat
GodCameil  19/11/13 GodS624  nautiest Dreadnautilus
GodJimbob64  20/03/26 nautiest Dreadnautilus
GodS624  20/08/07 nautiest Dreadnautilus
GodAlladona  20/12/19 nautiest Dreadnautilus
GodS624  21/05/17 nautiest Dreadnautilus

Who's Who in the World of Nautilus

Here's a quick introduction of some of our Nauti members.

  • GodPortico  - A very kind, loving, peaceful and gentle person... like a caterpillar. She's the mother of all caterpillars and butterflies.
  • GodLord Boom  - One of the original members of Nautilus. Lord Boom, aka Kaboomie, has this habit of exploding. He has a giant earworm in his pocket and frequently steals all the aura of totemisms so that none are left for you. He's also known as the guild's event mastermind.
  • GodTom the Great one  - Quiet. Presumably he is so Great that too much of an appearance would make all the others faint.
  • GodIceandrews  - The "Man with the Van" and the guild's greatest lover of flan. If you want to ever cheer him up, add him in your friends list and send him some flan pictures.
  • GodWise Cthulhu  - *gurgle* 🎶🎶🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🎶🎶
  • GodThe Saxon  - He will tap dance his way into your heart with promises of pie, but has yet to provide any. He is, however, always up for a dance break!
  • GodRingo Deathstar  - Pronounced "Reeengo Deffstah". At first glance, he seems pretty normal but is packing some super-secret and awesome dance moves.
  • GodMykus Aditus  - Lover of leche flan and an origami sensei. Will pixelate the heck out of things and make you go "Whoa! *__*".
  • GodTrillhein  - Was once a naughty pirate, now is just plain Nauti. All around nice dude that'll teach you how to say "polite" things in Slovak. Heh.
  • GodJimbob64  - The man, the myth, the legend. The sarcasm.
  • GodEvine  - The greatest person you will ever know. Totally the coolest. 10/10 has a voice of an angel. The least naughty person, but the most Nautiest person.
  • GodS624  - Laconicly loquacious, lapsed ideaboxer, occasional poetry.
  • GodFoe-Nyx  - A hopeless romantic. Her life is a musical, and she'll invite you to dance in the rain with her to prove her point. She's like, a musician, so I guess that's cool?
  • GodCameil  - He's just here, except for when he's not... I guess? A little too into it and probably shakes his booty a little too much. 🧐
  • GodDonald Mac Ronald  - South of the Equator man and occasional meat eater, preferably between two buns. And mayo, lots of mayo.
  • GodAstera1111  - Drops into dungeons and sails sometimes. With each day that unfolds, they learn something they should've learned years ago. Quite possibly Nauti forever.
Nauti Pixeltoon Signature Emoji Spirit Animal
🧐 🐉
>__> 🐛
🍮_🍮 🚐
GodLord Boom 
💣💥 🐢
GodAlladona  💜 🐧
GodMykus Aditus  XD 🐵

Guild Interviews

Here's an in-depth look at some of our members.

Guild Events

We love events and here at Nautilus, we regularly have them!

Upcoming Event(s)

Previous Events

Here's the list of our previous events listed from latest to oldest.






GodLord Boom 


GodS624 , GodScorpi0 , GodNeitha , GodPortico 


GodLord Boom , GodScorpi0 , GodAlladona , GodMykus Aditus , GodPortico , GodAstera1111 , Joshofpants, Data_wall

Winning Band:


Winning Band Members:

GodAlladona , GodEvine , GodThunder Dumpling 

Total Dare Points: 277 Highest Unlocked Dare: Pepper Punishment


GodThe Saxon , GodKyta S Indigo , GodReishin , GodLord Boom , Miss Goldenbird


GodLord Boom , GodPortico , GodSilvermist7235 , GodThe Saxon , GodSk1mm3dM1lk , Miss Goldenbird

Godville Times

You may have seen us in the news. I mean, probably not. But maybe...

  • Issue #3450, Day 3694 g.e.
    Let it be known that the 73 members of Nautilus are some pretty cool guys. They call themselves “nautiest”. Can you imagine that? Despite all the protests, the Dreadnautilus is a totem of this guild. This guild specializes in how to grow a spine.
    Gary-Sue — 131st-level adventurer, member of the “Nautilus” guild, with the motto “✔🐙: Cogito, ergo dum!”, stands at the 102nd position in the pantheon of mastery under the vigilant supervision of the god GodJimbob64 . He is a huge fan of Healiopolis’s pubs.
  • Issue #3433, Day 3677 g.e.
    Strandloper — 99th-level adventurer, member of the “Nautilus” guild, with the motto “Silence in the deep🐙”, stands at the 10th position in the pantheon of storytellers under the vigilant supervision of the god GodS624 . He always wanted to plant some shrubs to ward off the undead, but never found the time.
  • Issue #2738, Day 2982 g.e.
    Gary-Sue — 116th-level adventurer, member of the “Nautilus” guild, with the motto “✔🐙: Cogito, ergo dum!”, stands at the 26th position in the pantheon of storytellers under the vigilant supervision of the god GodJimbob64 . He is deeply gratified by his place in the pantheon and is not planning to give it up any time soon.
  • Issue #2513, Day 2757 g.e.
    Greek-man – 25th-level adventurer, member of the “Nautilus” guild, with the motto “For the Win! 🐙”, stands at the 45th position in the pantheon of duelers under the vigilant supervision of the god GodGrj . He thinks that a Neighbourhood Witch slow roasted in its own juices is one of the finest delicacies that Deville has to offer.
  • Issue #2493, Day 2737 g.e.
    Void Doll - 15th-level adventurer, member of the “Nautilus” guild, with the motto “Beyond material 🦊”, stands at the 31st position in the pantheon of duelers under the vigilant supervision of the god GodAn Entity . Distinctive features: a reckless disregard for danger, and an incredibly high pain threshold caused by repeated exposure to blunt objects.
  • Issue #2483, Day 2727 g.e.
    Lily Ice - 105th-level adventurer, member of the “Nautilus” guild, with the motto “Say 🚫 to Flanocracy! 🐙”, stands at the 113th position in the pantheon of arkeology under the vigilant supervision of the god GodIceandrews . His dream is to master the “mating contact” skill and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.
  • Issue #2364, Day 2608 g.e.
    Hageshii Gurittaa - 66th-level adventurer, member of the “Nautilus” guild, with the motto “ウィスキー! 🐙”, stands at the 75th position in the pantheon of duelers under the vigilant supervision of the goddess GodChiisana Koto . Her worst enemy - an Indecisive Shapeshifter. Favorite trophy - something that looks like a switched-at-birth certificate. She is also a huge fan of Godvillewood’s pubs.

Other Stuffs

  • The AFK Directive
  • Guild Wiki To-Do and Ideas
    • Member table for everyone to build their description.
    • More favorable table colors and visuals (make scrollable).
    • Reorganization of information.
    • Event calendar/platform of previous events reformat?