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Monsters of Godville
Natural Selector
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown


The Natural Selector is a monster that existed before Godville's creation. No one is sure of its actual age. It is unclear how it reproduces, as no hero has ever witnessed it and survived to tell the tale. We do know that it started out as a peaceful monster, only picking off the slowest and weakest of heroes and other monsters, but the incessant attacks from heroes and their stupidity turned this monster against them.

It will either stalk a hero for miles before attacking or, if the hero happens by while intoxicated, it will jump out of the bushes yelling "Ooga booga booga!", striking terror into the unsuspecting hero and causing them to stumble, usually stubbing their toes while it goes in for the kill. Use extreme caution when approaching one when drunk, as the smell of alcohol will anger it, causing it to become more dangerous. A heroes best bet is to tickle it to death or show it a college degree.


Forests, caves and mountains.



  • Uses heroes' clumsiness to its advantage
  • Very strong.


  • Ticklish
  • Low intelligence