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The Nothing

It goes by many names: nothing, N/A, just-your-imagination, black... All in all I. Is a horrible sight, makes you feel like you are blind, the blackness that is all, "dust to dust, ashes to ashes", the end, the beginning from whence we came.

How it was created forever

It wasn't always there and yet it was, there wasn't always a page for it here and yet there is. A foolish godville player created a link on there page, allowing it to escape into being, a fifth dimensional creature, capable of moving in time. It was created only to be there forever.


If we created it, yet it was already there, it was there since the beginning yet it is the beginning.

Chris D'lacey, the last dragon chronicles.

"We come from a world of white fire".

Yet that blackness appeared and created us, we are a blimp in an eternity of pure white.