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Monsters of Godville
Cervix armaemuscetoides
Class NRA Beast
Habitat roaming beyond 200th Milestone
Description One for all, all for one.

The Musketdeer (Cervix armaemuscetoides) is a monster that skillfully uses its muskets whenever encountering weaponized foes.


This creature of revenge seems obsessed with hunting the hunter and preying on those who prey. Not much is known about the deers sociality allthough it is believed to name itself Portus, Arthus, or D'Artagnon more often than great king of the forest. Its bloodlust is not to be underestimated. When overcome it is known to carry godpowder, for which it is often hunted for.

The monster gains more muskets with age. The young usually develop there first musket with their third year, when leaving behind their spotted fur and playful interest in all things flashing and exploding.


The monster is said to weigh from 70 to 900 lbs, with large antlers ending in up to 24 muskets. Deer God, is often the first reactions of heroes and heroines encountering a musketdeer.

Put simply, musketdeers:

  • blow up between one and 24 peasants with one strike
  • crossfire their muskets to create matrices of blazing projectiles
  • make hunters come whining for a hero's help
  • cook soups and stews out of unfortunate hunters
  • smell like Godpowder, creating a nauseating effect
  • tend to cross muskets when encountering others and when fighting for females


  • Cross attacks, allying with up to 3 others of its kind
  • Strategic
  • Charge attack
  • Deafening bark
  • Prone to dirty fighting techniques


  • Morally bound to only retaliate on weaponized opponents in fair fight
  • Sensitive to lightning
  • Severely allergic to lead and flowers