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Museum of Godville
Motto: Ooh, shiny!
Alignment: Curious
Date Founded: 2015-06-20
Membership Count: ~39
Forum Headquarters: Museum of Godville
Guild Page: Museum of Godville 
Data current as of 2017-10-26

The Museum of Godville is an organization dedicated to discovering, studying, and sharing the life and culture of Godville - all while having a great time and perhaps making some money. We aren't just your stereotypical dry, dusty artifact hall (though we do have plenty of those) - we have activities for all sorts of interests, and some of our exhibits literally come alive (and may try to eat you).

The Museum is one of Godville’s younger guilds, founded by Anjanoth the Curator after the (re)discovery of a natural wonder known as the Mother of All Trees by members of the Silver Raven Piracy Guild. It is intentionally a neutral space, open to visitors and members of all alignments.

Layout and Exhibits

The Museum of Godville is built around an unusually large tree, about 250 meters tall, known by the former inhabitants of the site as the Mother of All Trees, and affectionately called "MAT" by Museum staff. The immediate radius around MAT serves as the Museum’s courtyard and open-air botanical garden, hosting a range of exotic plants. Snacks and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are available from a cafe in this garden.

The Museum’s main building is a four-story hexagonal structure surrounding MAT and the courtyard. Much of the museum's above-ground structure is itself composed of trees, each of which is a sapling of MAT that has been engineered to form a structural support. The space between the trees is filled with elegantly-curved steel braces and panes of reinforced glass, allowing the museum to be illuminated by natural light during the daytime. This building continues for an additional four levels underground, with artificial pilings augmenting the natural support provided by the trees' extensive root systems.

The portion of the museum that is open to the public includes all four above-ground floors, plus the first basement level. This section of the museum is organized into six sections, one for each face of the building:

  • Life as we Know It: Paleontology and biology
  • Divine Curiosities: exhibits relating to the gods and heroes of Godville
  • Voices from Deep Time: history and anthropology
  • Visions of Beauty: The arts, media, and culture
  • Of Heaven and Earth: astronomy and geology
  • Miracles of Men: engineering and technology

The lower three basement levels of the museum are reserved for staff and researchers. These levels contain archives of material that are not currently on display, as well as laboratories for artifact imaging and preservation.

The museum also includes six auxiliary buildings, each about 100 meters away from one face of the main building. These buildings house additional functions, including housing for Museum members and visiting scholars, more specialized laboratories, and facilities for the care of the Museum’s live animals.


If you’re interested, join us! We're a "museum", but that doesn't mean you have to be a scholar or scientist to be a part of our mission. We need explorers, adventurers, fighters, builders, and all sorts of other talents to keep this place running.


Showcase Topics: Every few weeks, Museum staff will select a topic or category, and open up the floor for anyone to name and describe their favorite example within that topic or category.

Expeditions and Excavations: On an irregular basis, the Museum will organize missions of exploration, targeting ancient ruins, bone fields, and a variety of other often-dangerous places. Members of other guilds are welcome to accompany these expeditions. If you have a location that you need explored or excavated, the Museum can also arrange a team to carry out the work. Prices and acquisition rights are negotiable.

Technology and Security

As the Museum of Godville is a Curator branch site, it features some of their technological curiosities. Foremost among these is a substance commonly called "holoplasm", which is a bioengineered material that can mimic the cells and tissues of living organisms, with the addition of advanced computing power that allows for some intelligence. Hundreds of holoplasm-based animals, ranging from insects to horses, perform useful tasks such as sanitation and repair work around the Museum. Beyond holoplasm organisms, the Museum also sports an advanced computer network, with applications for all sorts of scientific and archaeological investigation - genome sequencers, mass spectrometers, and any imaging technology available.

Given the invaluable nature of many of the Museum’s exhibits, security is a high priority. Each item on display or in storage is individually trackable due to [redacted], and redundant alarm systems mean that even removal by teleportation or similar means will be detected. Many exhibits are protected by a [also redacted] that absorbs or deflects incoming energy. In addition, for the safety of both our exhibits and other guests, each room in the museum implements a RING (Reactive Interference by Negative Godpower) system. Rooms can temporarily be filled with the ‘negative godpower’ that is unique to the Mother of All Trees, which will either neutralize or interfere with any attempted use of godpower in the given room.

Current Staff

Please note that these titles are to be taken with several teaspoons of salt.

  • Collections & Exhibits Executive Strategy Director: Anjanoth the Curator
  • Spacial Distortion & Rearrangement Specialist: Ying Hua
  • Silicate Temporal Synergies Manager: Sleeping sand