Muezzin Cargo and Delivery Services

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Muezzin Cargo and Delivery Services
Motto: You name it, we deliver it! Didn't name anything? We'll deliver it anyway!
Alignment: Neutral
Gold Fund: 12489 c.u.
Leader: GodCusack 
Membership Count: 20
Guild Page: Muezzin Cargo and Delivery Services 
Data current as of 03.02.2020

Muezzin Cargo and Delivery Services is the leading delivery company in Godville.

Why avail our services?

Our company is world class! No doubt about it. We'll pretty much deliver what you wanted to in a matter of seconds.

Not just that, we also guarantee that the cargo will be in perfect shape! No blemishes or anything like that. It will be in the same condition as it was given to us!

Their delivery is so good that there aren't even traces of fingerprints on their cargo.
I wonder how they do that
— Customer

Unfortunately, our Research & Development crew are still working on interdimensional deliveries, so as for now, the scope of our services are only limited in the world of Godville.

As long as you pay the right amount, our services will reach you, no matter what.
— Muezzin Cargo and Delivery

Company Symbol

Since the company prides itself with its efficient delivery service, getting lost during the process is out of the question.

Members are encouraged to put a 🧭 in their mottos. This symbol will provide guidance to the hero, ensuring that they will never get lost on the job.

Theme Song

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Membership Card

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Heroes that join our ranks will be provided with their own personal identification cards (gods don't get anything) just like the one below:

Sample Guild Membership Card

These cards serves as proof that the hero works for Muezzin Cargo and Delivery Services which gives the holder of these cards access to exclusive member-only privileges such as:

  • Fast and effective medical treatment from guild doctors (only if you encounter one)
  • Unlimited access to guild-exclusive taverns (as long as you can pay)
  • Discounts from guild shops (A little bit)
  • Access to the Headquarter's comfort room (it's top class!)
  • Low-cost equipment repair fees from guild smithies
  • Traders might get impressed by the hero's membership card, in which you'll receive a free gift


Our company is divided into four different divisions

1) Management & Finance

Headed by Niyan Muezzin alongside her 99 non-hero subordinates. The Management & Finance Division deals with the annoyingly hard task of overseeing the movement of resources in the company.

Ranging from the allocation of budget and distribution of human resources up to keeping the morale of the workers high and making sure they don't get sick, the members of this division are famous for going around monitoring each movement all while calculating nonstop with their pen and paper.

"It's okay to raise my pay, right?"
— Niyan Muezzin

2) Research & Development

The division responsible for most of the success that the company enjoys today. Under the leadership of Tyrese Muezzin and Calligraphic , the R&D division has developed three groundbreaking technologies up to date.

1) Preservation box

Ever wondered why your cargo looks just like how you gave it to us without any blemishes of sorts? We present this preservation box. To put it simply, things inside the box get their time freezed. It also has this automatic time reversal function in case the package gets blemished after being given to the carrier and before it got put in the box.

2) Teleportation Chamber

Pretty much as expected isn't it? Since the package is delivered in seconds, so there's definitely a telportation device is what you're thinking right? That's not what you're thinking? Come on, do me a favor and think about it then! .

3) Sustain me pill

A healthy body houses a healthy mind. But what does that mean? That means more work! We at Muezzing Cargo and Delivery Services pride ourselves in not overworking our people, but it also means that we work each employee for as long as they can handle it. Sustain me pill has instantaneous effects, filling your body with energy and returning it into its healthy state with no side effects.

3) Customer Support

Want to avail our services? Or was there something wrong with our delivery? Maybe you just want to praise us then? Contact us! We would love to hear your positive replies (negative comments are immediately rejected). Due to the lack of appropriate personnel, Niyan Muezzin also heads this division with a group of 899 non-hero subordinates.

Three words:
"Increase. my. pay."
— Niyan Muezzin

4) Courier

All other heroes are assigned to this division. With tough personalities such as

  1. White Preacher,
  2. Head Priestess,
  3. Snow Empress,
  4. Creamy Chocolate

in the lead and 8000 non-hero couriers at their disposal, who dares to stop our delivery?


As Cusack was complaining about how Niyan Muezzin kept hopping from one guild to another, a voice was heard on his doorstep:

Knock Knock! Here's your delivery!
— Delivery Man

Then as if a crappy plot piece deliberately presented itself, an idea struck his mind:

What if I command her to make her own guild? This way she'll finally feel some shame in guild hopping. As for the purpose of the guild? Hmmm... let's just make them deliver stuff. A delivery company!
— Cusack

Despite the nonsensical logic and unrealistic expectations, Cusack pushed things through and forced Niyan to create the company.