Mosquito roar

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Skills of Godville
Mosquito roar
Mosquito Roar.jpg
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

Noted for its distinctively non-frightening name, the Mosquito roar is a skill that devious heroes can learn to aid them in their in-game combat.

As it can only be heard by the sharpest ear, the mosquito roar is the audible litmus test of age and level of infirmity of monsters encountered in-game and heroes encountered in the arena. When the hero employs his mosquito roar, he will instantly be able to tell how easily he can defeat his foe, since the targeted monster or hero will either react as though they are being stabbed repeatedly in the ear with a long piercing needle, or carry on as though they were watching a replay of the Dramatic Chipmunk footage for the thousandth time: i.e., unperturbed and largely inert.

Should the mosquito roar have its desired effect, the impacted hero will discover reduced audibility of their god, causing difficulty in the operation of "Remote Control".

At increased levels, in addition to the base effect, the mosquito roar can stun its victim as they receive audible notification that they are about to lose a minute amount of blood, and may possibly experience a mild irritation or rash in conjunction with an unavoidably itchy sensation at the withdrawal site.

If your hero has been the victim of, or you suspect that they may have fallen victim to, a hero utilizing the mosquito roar, you will find quick remediation of symptoms and avoidance of future effects by causing your hero to utilize earwax or blunt implements to plug their ears.