Moosenger of Death

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Monsters of Godville
Moosenger of Death
Alces mortifer
Moosenger of Death.jpg
Class Angel
Habitat Moose Heaven, wherever moose are
Description A Moose Grim Reaper

The Moosenger of Death (Alces mortifer "moose death-bringer") is the grim reaper of moosekind.

That's right, it didn't come to reap your heroine. The Moosenger of Death was most likely on its way to take the soul of a moose that the hero or heroine just killed to moose hell or heaven, and got attacked while doing its duty. Normal humans can not even see it. Only your servant, as a fellow direct tool of heaven, can see it, and got violent because they thought the moosen grim reaper was about to take their dinner. It is also possible that he or she is just afraid of The Moosenger of Death's cliché tattered black robe. In any case, during a fight with a Moosenger of Death normal bystanders will just believe your hero or heroine is at it again with their solo drunken antics.


The Moosenger of Death resembles a big black moose wearing flowy tattered death robe. It can stand over 2.33 m (7.6 ft) at the shoulder, and weigh over 820 kg (1,808 lb). The antlers on average have a span of 1.8 m (5.9 ft).

Early History

Earlier The Moosenger of Deaths had nothing but distant respect for the humankind for keeping them busy. The Moose God is obviously a better deity than you, because Its creations are incredibly diligent unlike the heroine. Whenever Moosenger of Deaths had free time, they got very anxious and thought they were being a bad servant of The Moose God for not doing any good for the world, even though they knew The Moose God did not share the sentiment.

Creation of Chocolate Moose

Later stage of Chocolate Moose creation.

One day, a duty-free Moosenger of Death (not its fault, The Moose God takes care of Its creations well through the passing of Endangered Species Act Protection for Moose[1]) was taking a walk. It could not work, so the least it can do was walk around in awe and fervent praise of the world that the Moose God created. Suddenly, a Monster (for moosekind, it was actually a hero) came out of nowhere and attacked the Moosenger of Death. The Moosenger of Death fought back valiantly, and soon the hero was cornered. As last resort, he threw his snack at the Moosenger of Death. It was a chocolate mousse.

Everything changed when the chocolate mousse landed on the mouth of The Moosenger of Death.

It knew that this was a revelation. A blessing from the Moose God to soothe their anxious souls during deathless time. The Moosenger of Deaths has massive admiration of the humankind ever since. For a while, The Moosenger of Death can finally sit around and relax while eating chocolate mousse when they're not working. Their diligent nature, however, turned their supposed free time munching chocolate into time spent in the heaven kitchen honing chocolate mousse-making skill. They lack imagination from millennia of monotone act of service, though, and ultimately, each of them all began to make a moose-shaped chocolate mousse. They spent so much effort and time into making the perfect moose mousse that when their masterpiece was done, they didn't want to eat it.

The heaven kitchen was filled with chocolate moose, causing less heavenly experience for resident good moose-souls. The lawful Moosenger of Deaths would not eat any other chocolate without eating their first finished moose mousse, therefore no longer had anything to do and became unhappy again. Finally, all were resolved with a miracle by The Wise Moose God - It breathed life into all finished chocolate moose. The Chocolate Moose was created.

Relationship With Chocolate Moose

A chunk of Chocolate Moose with cherry blood.

The Chocolate Moose is hippie and sweet, complete complement for the emo, formal Moosenger of Death (with minor tweaks in personality to accommodate different individuals - which is not much). It brings life into times of no death in Moosenger of Death's life of deaths.

Intimate acts include a Moosenger of Death eating a chunk of the Chocolate Moose. This is followed by Moosenger of Death fixing a freshly cooked mousse to the bitten part, thus completing mutual renewal. A hero or heroine that sees this will instinctively blush and leave the scene after losing a good several health points out of embarrassment even if he or she does not understand what happened.

If the hero or heroine sees the pair together, that would mean no moose is dying in the realm.



  • Frightening Aura of Spookiness (might not affect seasoned hero or heroine whose death is routine)
  • Holy antlers, stronger than any human-made weapon of the hero or heroine
  • Can go back and forth within this realm and the next instantly, might trample the hero or heroine's soul after killing him or her
  • Best cook of chocolate mousse


  • Will lose health point from extreme professional embarrassment if the hero or heroine say there's chocolate smudge on them (they're on duty, after all, unless the hero or heroine is foolish enough to attack while it is with its Chocolate Moose)
  • Might dutifully run directly to the place where a moose is about to die regardless of the hero or heroine still attacking it
  • Sometimes trip over long death robe
  • Thinks eating other chocolate mousse, even accidentally, is cheating so will panic if got hit with any kind of chocolate.


  1. The Moose Ultimatum (1500 g.e.) The Moose God threatened war against Human Gods. Knowing the Moose God's servants are fanatics, the Human Gods feared moose legitimacy over mankind and did divine intervention to pass the law in the entire realm.