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Equipment of Godville
Commonly used Moonglasses
Worn 🧢Head
Durability +54
Description it’s popular with astronauts


These glasses were originally advertised as protective gear for an eclipse. However, demand fell drastically after the three-minute-long event, and many pairs remained at the factory's warehouses. Quick thinking merchants decided to rebrand the product as Moonglasses. Unlike its counterpart, the well-known sunglasses, moonglasses are to be used at night.

At first, heroes used it for moon-bathing as they travelled and quested, which was an affordable and convenient mode of relaxation. However, they soon found out that the white glass (which doubles moonlight exposure to the eye) that they were made of allowed them to serve as low-cost nightvision goggles. Its battle effectiveness has not yet been determined by the scientific community, but it does increase a hero's self-esteem, because of how cool it makes them feel.

Some monsters like the Late Knight and the Knightmare are attracted to heroes wearing this piece of gear, as it is made of a material that absorbs moonlight, and emits a glow that heroes cannot see without skills like eye scream or sober view. Heroes should hence watch out if they wear this piece of gear and quest at night.


Heroes are advised not to clean the lenses with the sheet of rain, as it dulls the material that gives heroes clarity of sight.


Traders apply no refund policy. Any malfunction of equipment is not covered by warranty. Staring at solar eclipses may cause permanent blindness.