Monstrous Appetite

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Monstrous Appetite
Strong Monster
Description Unknown

The Monstrous Appetite is a monster of epic proportions, it towers over all heroes and relies on intimidation, willpower, and lots of water in order to be effective. It must endure rigorous, daily training to maintain its stomach capacity as well as its tolerance of a wide selection of various small mice, snakes, spiders, pets, and even low-level newbies.

And it can steal your stuff, too. Also a small chance of killing your pet if you have one.



  • Is able to keep a large amount of food in its cheeks for awhile
  • Can drink two gallons of water a day while in training
  • Able to tolerate up to 16 million Scoville heat units
  • Uses gastroparesis to its advantage
  • Often does not take the time to chew its food and may swallow large pieces whole
  • Has a wide array of ribbons, trophies, or trinkets it has taken from heroes it has bested


  • Often eats with its elbows on the table
  • Needs to consume large amounts of food in order to survive
  • May need to push down on its belly to make room to eat more heroes
  • Can possibly lose the fight due to "reversal of fortune" rules
  • May find itself in the emergency room afterwards
  • May suffer from elevated cholesterol & blood pressure or diluted electrolytes