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Towns of Godville
Monstro City
Many comment on how Monstro City's emblem looks like a sports team logo.
Home milestone 404
Map code MC
Known for Slower healing, cheap skills
Motto Monstra in speramus

Monstro City is a town in Godville. It is a highly advanced city that is inhabited by monsters. This city is well known for its prosperity, cheap skills, slow healing, and technological achievements. It has running water, electricity, heating and cooling. It is also a safe haven for monsters as long as they do not wreak havoc or mindlessly rampage (Killing the Pac Man, Psychophant, or any other beast that creates a trail of destruction is allowed). The population is 4,040,000 according to a very recent census (The population is so large because there are more monsters on the planet than people).

Game Notes

  • Heroes heal slowly here.
  • Training skills is more expensive here.


This city, despite its name and the fact that all of the inhabitants are monsters, isn't quite as terrible as most travelers believe it is. According to a hero's diary:

!Hero's Diary
23:14 Came across a signboard with the town name 'Monstro City' on it. There was handwriting below: “It's surprisingly pleasant."

In fact, Monstro City is economically prosperous and technology advanced. It often competes with Tradeburg in economic prowess and is more advanced than Godville. Many successful Philosoraptors and Mad Scientists live here and continue to bring about technological and philosophical growth. Heroes who enter here are often inclined to spend money. Therefore, some shops sell beer along with their products to increase their profits from said heroes. And it works every time. Heroes particularly like wasting money in Monstro City. You don’t even get a party out of it! According to a couple of hero diaries:

!Hero's Diary
06:54 PM Protested against the trader’s recent price hike by voting with my feet. It was hard enough to grip the pen between my toes, let alone write “10025 coins is not a fair price” with it.

!Hero's Diary
11:25 PM Bought 4008 gold coins worth of salt to rub in my enemies’ wounds.

Skills can be sold in Monstro City for a relatively good price. But unfortunately, since the residents are monsters, hospitals are not as effective at healing injured heroes since the anatomies of monsters are typically significantly different. In contrast, a Bottled Water Elemental can be treated in less than a minute (Obviously because its body is made of water), but a hero may take hours.


Monstro City is surrounded by swamplands between Anville and Bad Gateway. It is a large city with a large harbor surrounded by a stone wall, located at milestone 404. All of the buildings are made of stone and do not exceed ten floors. In fact, most buildings are homes with less than five stories and are the reason Monstro City has so much land. The stone wall is surrounded by a moat where heroes who attack monsters in the city (other than some exceptions) are thrown out. Travelers cross a stone bridge to gain access to the city.

The climate is humid and floods are common in the city. Therefore, the Monstro City has several drainage systems to combat the occasional floods.

The harbor is often used for ships, arks, and fishing boats. The fishing boats often hunt the most popular delicacy in the city, Loch Ness Lobster.

There are several religions practiced in this city, but 90% of all monsters residing worship a mysterious god of knowledge, wisdom, and technology. The government of the city is run by a council, whose chairman or chairwoman also operates as the city's mayor.

The Office of the Mayor of Monstro City was originally located in the City Hall and Courthouse complex, but was shifted to the historic estate holdings of the Lord Master of Disaster after ANKh v. ANC got out of hand and the Monstro City residents put a citizens' condemnation order on the defiled governmental complex. The City Hall and Courthouse have since been torn down, and the site covered over with sod bearing many signs stating, "No Naturists or Naturalists Allowed!" One of the positive developments of the Office of the Mayor's move to the preserved property was the blessing of size. The Office of the Mayor no longer needs to shred its documents at the end of the week, so now maintains a repository open to the public in pursuit of the Mayor's policy of transparency in government. Next door to the repository, the Mayor has installed his private book collection slated to be donated to the public on his death. Resources under the care of the Office of the Mayor of Monstro City that have been cited on the GodWiki include:

    • Cryptozoology and You: Volume 8, Artifice and Edifice, Third Edition. Private Collection of the Mayor of Monstro City.



Monstro City was founded by Philosoraptors who left Godville and ended up at the swamplands the city is located in to this very day. They noticed the area was rarely visited by heroes and many monsters lived in it, like it was a safe haven for monsters. Which gave them an idea: Why not create an safe haven for monsters to live civilized lives. Therefore, Monstro City was born and the city council that rules over it was established. Said council, is overseen by a chairman or chairwoman, who also presides as the Mayor. Monsters from far and wide gathered at the swamp and began constructing it, and soon it became large city it is known to be.

Attack of Heroes

Heroes began hearing of a new city and decided to go ahead and visit it. However, upon realizing it was operated by monsters, they began attacking it and caused a conflict where the city became a war zone. The constant killing of monsters and heroes got so bad that the gods had to personally intervene themselves and mediating the conflict. Fortunately for the monsters, the gods ruled in their favor and any hero who dared attack monsters in Monstro City were exiled. But, heroes were still allowed to kill any monsters that the city of Monstro City considers to be dangerous.

ANKh vs. ANC

Amateur Naturalists' Khlub (ANKh) vs. Amateur Naturists' Club (ANC) which began as a trademark infringement case, and ended with naturists invading all Monstro City public areas and naturalists going insane and trying to duel the naturists after one sat on a bird. The feud was ended when both organizations were chased out of the city.

The Pac Menace

Many years after the conflict, the monsters of Monstro City had once again become prosperous and even created several new facilities:

  • Five Universities - including the University of Monstro City
  • Sirius Cybernetics Corporation - one of Monstro City's leading technology companies
  • Public Swimming Pools and Waterparks
  • An Amusement Park known as Monstro Land
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Several Arcades

One of the arcades just so happened to be the one where the Pac Man was first seen. An arcade game malfunctioned and became a contraption that can summon the monster at a cost of fifty gold. The Pac Man generated out of thin air, ate the Significant Otter playing the game, then continued eating a path of destruction and death, killing many. Heroes and monsters alike were eaten by it, properties were damaged, and a quarter of the city was almost destroyed. Since the Pac Man was IN Monstro City, heroes refused to attack it. Therefore, before the Pac Man could eat up an entire quarter of the city. The Head Council Member, an Adminotaur, using the loudest megaphone they could find, announced that killing the Pac Man is allowed. Therefore, heroes and monsters alike joined up and defeated the Pac Man, successfully killing it three times. A well known street performer, a Bottled Water Elemental, described this event as the "Pac Menace". Thus, where this event got its name and the arcade machine the Pac Man came from is heavily guarded. The Pac Man only appears whenever the Psychophant chases the guards away, allowing for a curious Unintelligent Lifeform to access it and recreate the catastrophe once more.

Monstro City Enlightenment

Even though the monsters discovered electricity and such, the Monstro City Enlightenment began right after the Pac Menace. Many great thinkers and inventors lived in the city at the time, including a Jelly Golem who created several methods of learning skills that made the price of learning new skills far less expensive than usual. Air conditioning and heating first arrived in Monstro City during this era, and education in the city became much cheaper. In addition, the Library of Monstro City was founded, with "Hands-on" exhibits. The Monstro City Enlightenment is said to be going on to this day.

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