Monorail Cat

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Monsters of Godville
Monorail Cat
Unaregula feles
Monorail Cat.png
"Toot toot"
Class Feline
Habitat Underground tunnels and cardboard boxes.
Description A gliding kitten.

All aboard this miracle of nature: the Monorail Cat (Unaregula feles) is a gliding kind of feline that populates the land of Godville.

The fastest meow in Godville

Those felines have evolved inexplicably to glide on bars and tunnels. This is a great fighting technique, albeit pretty specific. Those beasts are able to lunge at the enemy at neckbreaking speeds. Their claws can cut through steel, stone and obviously through flesh and bone.

Peaceful creatures

Quite singularly, Monorail Cats don't make their living out of killing heroes and won't do so unless they're forced to. This creatures earn their bread by working as other monster's transport. Each cat has a specific route from one milestone to the next one (e.g. from milestone 100th to 101th). On rare occasions two cats have shared the same route and on rarer occasions they disputed it.

Some merchants and travellers have befriended monorail cats and ride them often to save time. It is not uncommon to see pilgrims putting on a mask and a cloak to ride the Monorail Cat in disguise. the price is high but so is the speed.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Running at the speed of meow
  • The cutest ride in Godville
  • All aboard the UwU train!


  • They don't wanna fight
  • They can only glide in rails or tunnels
  • No armor or weapons
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