Mole detector

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Artifacts of Godville
Mole detector
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description Never leave home without one
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect This item makes the hero search for allies against an underground boss

The Mole detector is an important artifact out on the battle field. It should be standard issue to every commander.

Commanders, heed this

When you are leading your mighty army out into the fray, you need more than just warriors. You must send out scouts, command your flankers, train up your medics and coordinate your supply chains.

A good commander knows that even making camp is one of the most important undertakings when preparing for battle. There is little point in setting up a magnificent stockade with defence towers and choke points if you are undermined and sabotaged... from BELOW !

Oh laugh, but many a seasoned warrior has been denied glory in battle due to a twisted ankle form a mole hole. Oh yes laugh, but it happens. We know. Many a new recruit has had the business frightened clean out of them when squatting on the camp latrine, to see a mole head rise from below, teeth sharp and ready and aimed at vital parts.

Fear me!

RTFM Read the flaming manual

Be sure to read the instructions properly and take care when calibrating the depth resonator. The brief and simple manual runs to only 350 pages, so be sure to read it all.

Have your sages, scriveners and seers ready to interpret the readings and look for the tell-tale spikes in the signal readings. Any good soothsayer will then be able to interpret the readouts and tell your mole assassins where to dig.

Watch for the tell-tale signals...

As seen in the Godville Times #1640

Found mole detector? Go to Godville, ask for the “Bricks and Mortar” shop. Dadamighty will buy it like a hot cake. Found today: 100 pcs.