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The Message in a Bottle

Epitaph found on Desolate Island North of the Living Seas

"Much has been lost in the great cataclysm. History might not be forgotten but it shall not be easily remembered. As to the specifics of how and why such an event took place, no surviving records were ever found. No memorials have been offered to those that were lost. No stories and songs were told and sung in taverns across the land. Such a tragedy is doomed to fade in memory. A fate worse that what many theorized had occured. Destined to become a legend, then a myth, a story, to just idle gossip, before fading into oblivion.."

Glorious Era

Celestial Cities in the Sky. Verdant peaks flourishing with Millenial herbs. An Immortal Aura on the very foundations of the earth itself. In its heart stood the temple of Misfits are us.


This guild has been in existence since its creation by the superb God, Kage Lucifer, who had developed this guild for our use. We thank him for recreating our dreams of Misfits are us in order to take down the rebels who had removed us from the original guild. I can not provide cookies and ice cream with every meeting, and I assume it would be best to nominate a vote to have a rotation of who would bring the snacks. The next meeting was going to be the vote but unfortunately, the rebels had overtaken us for not providing their nourishment.

And now this guild has been motivated to overtake the original Misfits guild. We have been capturing and enslaving members of that guild as puppets to sell as souvenirs to unknowing heroes and heroines. Misfits are us now have the funds to continuously serve cookies and ice cream to our new members as so long the Misfits have members to enslave...

Stories of the Victorious

The Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds of Manf Aradis

From the nearby deserted prairies beyond the ghost town, lies the wandering pack of Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds of Manf Aradis. It is said that the Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds were the downfall of the great town of Manf Aradis and that they, the Tumbleweeds, had steamed through the town and tangled everything from humans to buildings within its grasp and whisked it away. Nothing is left of Manf Aradis but a few signs of farmlands and building debris. It was from that point on that these Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds had begun their reign of terror as they rolled and rode into other territories.

Many towns were afraid of these Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds of Manf Aradis. The citizens were terrified that these Tumbleweeds would destroy them as these Tumbleweeds had destroyed the others. It became an impending disaster for many who could not leave the towns because of their condition, and not many could find homes elsewhere. Some had decided to accept their fate and abandoned all hopes of the future. But there were others who worshiped the Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds of Manf Aradis as if these Tumbleweeds were weeding out the damned by a deity's command.

A hero from the guild, Misfits are us, Brother Oleg, governed by the Divine God Garzogus, and his significant otter, Lago, had heard of these Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds and sent off on a quest to defeat them. They arrived in a town by Manf Aradis that was rumored to be the next target of the Tumbleweeds. Brother Oleg and Lago traveled to the outskirts to confront the Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds of Manf Aradis and were faced by the horror of the multitudes of Tumbleweeds gathered with human appendages and slabs of buildings to form a grotesque adobe centipede of Tumbleweeds with many arms. The poor hero was sicken and nearly vomited.

The Divine God Garzogus placed his divine hand and muttered incantations to his hero, and suddenly Brother Oleg recovered his strength and begun to fight the Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds of Manf Aradis. He brandished his banhammer to smack the Tumbleweeds, and released his mosquito roar in combo with his mass effect. Lago provided support and kept Brother Oleg healthy to fight. The Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds did not go down easily. It thrashed and rolled and made use of its human appendages to weaken Brother Oleg, but Garzogus was watching. He release a divine light onto Brother Oleg which enhanced the hero's slap of the whale and finally eradicated the monstrosity. And to prevent it from moving again, the God, Garzogus, ignited lightning onto the Tumbleweeds which set them on fire. All that's left of it are mere ashes.

The citizens of the nearby towns cheered for Brother Oleg and the hero received many gifts to which he offered some to his Divine God. His guild became famous amongst the citizens. When asked by an interviewer about his goodwill and charity to the towns Brother Oleg replied, "Charity? Goodwill? I just ran out of gold for some more beer."

Although the Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds of Manf Aradis was defeated, the mystery still remains. No one knows where these Tumbleweeds had originated. They may have come from Manf Aradis, but these Tumbleweeds were mere tumbleweeds long before the tragedy had happened. Someone must have created these Apocalyptic Tumbleweeds to destroy someone or something, or any reason at all to create these monsters.

A legacy of events had just begun.