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Let there be light...

The ability to accomplish Miracles are only available to a deity once their heroine has completed a Temple for them.

General Information

Unlike the other influences, miracles have a 100% success rate and have a 50% Godpower cost and will not influence your heroine's personality.

However, they will always benefits your heroine in one way or another.

Miracles effects

When traveling

  • Restores 500 Health regardless of hero's level.
    • Ergo, it will fully heals the heroine if she has fewer than 500 max health (under level 101).
  • Instantly kills monster if fighting one
  • Completes 25% of a quest
  • Completes 5% of an epic quest
  • Cause random monsters to drop bold and activatable artifacts into the heroine's inventory
  • Upgrade one or more pieces of equipment (By +2, may combine with 500 HP heal and give +1 instead)

In town

In duels

In the Arena[1] or against a Boss Monster [2], instead of defeating the opponent, it has one of the following effects:

  • It may remove the opponent's godpower and increase your own by the same amount (from 10-25%), ie. a vampire drain. Arena and Sparring
  • It may greatly weaken the opponents defences by damaging their armour allowing more damage to be inflicted in a shorter period of time. Arena
  • It may raise the opponent into the air and flip them upside down, causing one or more of their artifacts to fall out of their inventory and be destroyed. Arena / Boss Monster
  • It has also been known to heal and cause the hero/heroine to attack and pray all in the same turn while in the arena.

In Dungeons

While spelunking in Godville's dungeons, and outside of Anti-Influence dungeon maps [3], Miracles will do one of three things:

  • Restore 50 HP to all heroes (except those already defeated)
  • Restore a large (unknown how much exactly) amount of HP to the user's hero
  • Reveal a bold artifact hidden under a floor tile and add it to user's inventory

The above three things only happen while on a dungeon map. For effect during dungeon boss fights, see the previous section.

In Sail

  • Reveal a part of the map around the heroine's ark.
  • Add a set of Point of interest to the map
  • Increase chance to find something on the next island [4]

In Datamine

  • Miracles will spawn a medkit, thruster, or bit near the boss.


  1. Though using miracles in Arena can be effective, it is usually frowned upon.
  2. Using miracles against boss monsters in allied fights is regarded as poor form due to the risk of destroying some or all of the boss's artifacts, which reduces everyone's potential profit from the fight.
  3. Which block Miracle power as they do with Encourage and Punish.
  4. Needs confirmation