Minor Glitch

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Monsters of Godville
Minor Glitch
Class Fish
Habitat Lake of Mistakes & Misfits
Description Tinier Error than Usual

The Minor Glitch is a monster that came to life when a God fired a lighting bolt that hit Godville's Core and caused a small malfunction. That bolt is the reason for several monsters with similar motives or cause similar problems. This monster will leave a trail of smoldering combustion and embers everywhere they go, which later spark completely different, smaller fires once the previous one is extinguished. It has no limiting conditions meaning it has an infinite lifespan and can live literally anywhere as long as it is left alone in peace, and not stepped on.

The Minor Glitch does not discriminate on the bases of name, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation or attraction, date of creation, town of origin, motto, personality, guild affiliation or alignment, guild title, hero stats, health, disability (mental or physical), quest progress, gold on hand or in savings, number of monsters killed, death count, number of wins versus losses, temple or ark progress or date of completion, words in book, milestones passed, pairs collected, pet or non-pet status, pantheons, invites, approved submissions, remote control power, accumulation charges, earthly news, dairy entries, inventory, equipment, skills, friends, messages, race, color, religious affiliation, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental or grand parental status, or any other protected generic information.

The Minor Glitch is powered by a grant thanks to funds from viewers like you, and is neither funded nor unfunded by Godville Admin. At one point, Admin held a board meeting to discuss firing the monster and thus removing it from the game entirely; but due to a deadlock vote based on concerns the monster would retaliate this issue was permanently tabled. It is unknown how this monster comes into being nor what specifically might motivate it to continue attacking various heroes at random.



  • Affects random heroes at non-determinable intervals of time and thus is impossible to predict.
  • Able to morph into a different problem once the previous one is solved or addressed.
  • Is able to appear small enough to be ignored by heroes for a limited amount of time.


  • Needs to feed off of mild irritation in order to survive.
  • Will run and hide if it sees any type of security software or personnel.
  • May be stepped on if asleep when the hero approaches it.