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Not all gods are created equally; some are stronger than others and every one has different strengths. So what exactly are the Minor Deities? They're gods and goddesses that are not as powerful as others but have the distinct ability to affect their hero more. Those who are Minor Deities don't have any moral restrictions unlike Deities of other guilds, meaning that many Minor Deities range from pure good to pure evil with shifts as often as they like.

It is rumored that people who have done significant, infamous, or heroic deeds have a chance to ascend to god-hood. These newly formed gods are classified as Minor Deities and flock to the guild named after them. But other gods have been known to join the guild even if they're not made in the same way. However doing so will classify them as a minor deity even if they aren't one, but so far no one has raised a complaint to any problems in the guild. Anarchy has been the favored method of running the guild thus far although some leaders have emerged in the past.

History of Leaders

  • Stabbeh

Among these notable leaders is Stabbeh, who became guild master and, although he couldn't do much, helped guide the guild into great prosperity. His second in command has the title Talon and his third in command has the title Shriv. Both are locked in a furious battle to become the next guild leader over the other (much to the enjoyment of the other members).

During the rule of Stabbeh civil war broke out among the guild members in the form a silence game, many members of the guild went silent in order to prove themselves as the ultimate champion. The game waged on for a month in which time the final two left in the game were trying their hardest to not speak. Rules were put into effect and for another 3 months barely anyone spoke as the war continued on. It was only stopped when Stabbeh finished his term and both the finalists were declared mutual winners. They now go down in history as the winners of the silent game! Cinderis and Falconer!

  • The Falconer

The next great leader to emerge was The Falconer, pulling a victory over Shrikaya after a small deadlock in voting. He led with a great hand, and he would help facilitate more friendship and chatter among the gods whenever they didn't have much to say. It was a relatively peaceful time during his rule until the infamous Falcon King appeared. This blasphemous person claimed to be the ruler of all Falcons, yet The Falconer was the god of all falcons and was the true ruler of this man. The Falcon King refused his rulership and tried to take over, but with the help of the entire guild the false king was killed and his head paraded around Godville. After that all knew that The Falconer ruled the falcons.

A while after the parade was finished it became clear that a new room was going to be needed to house gods and heroes infested with Tribbles. To this end The Falconer created a Tribble Quarantine room with the help of the other members, and now all the gods can relax while their infested friends sit on the other side of strong glass and concrete. Near the end of his rule The Falconer helped the guild gain new active members and bring the popularity of the guild to the amazingly high position of 12, and while unable to get to the top 10 it was still an accomplishment that deserves to go down in history.

As the end of his term drew near the members of the guild started celebrating and throwing lavish parties in his honor, one of them was even held in the Tribble Quarantine Room when the leader got infested with Tribbles during his final days of leadership. The guild was lucky to have him as a leader, and who knows what the next leader will do for the guild.

After two close elections The Falconer was elected again. During his second term the first prophet came to the guild: ScreamoNinja. And ScreamoNinja named the high rank of the guild, it was named 'oracle'. This celebrated the end of the Falconer's second term and everyone threw parties for him.

  • Vocataloid

After some hard events in the guild there were few people, and lots of the higher ranked members were gone. Eventually the members mustered together to vote Vocataloid as their new leader. She lead the guild back to prosperity through two terms and saw many new excited members join the guild. She started up a guild discord server for members to engage with each other outside of the game as well. Overall she has been a great leader for helping to rebuild the guild and lead it into a new era of prosperity!