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Monsters of Godville
Mine Sweeper
Class Unknown
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Totem for Bomb Squad
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Microsoft Minesweeper (formerly Minesweeper) is a minesweeper computer game created by Curt Johnson, originally for OS/2, and ported to Microsoft Windows by Robert Donner, both Microsoft employees at the time. First officially released as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 1 in 1990, it was included in the standard install of Windows 3.1 in 1992, replacing Reversi from Windows 3.0.[1] Microsoft Minesweeper has been included in all subsequent Windows releases except Windows 8. An updated version included in Windows Vista and Windows 7 was developed by Oberon Games.[2] In Windows 8, Minesweeper is not included by default, although an app version of Microsoft Minesweeper developed by Arkadium is available on Windows Store.

Millions and millions of users have played the game over the years, what they did not know is that the software was secretly collecting data from these users, slow gaining sentience. When a programmer named Harry Still Avirgin discovered the pseudo sentience of minesweeper it was already too late, the software had already taken control of his Android phone. Avirgin, unable to live with his phone allowed minesweeper to upload a copy of its consciousness intro his body. This was the first incarnation of minesweeper into a living host. Since then, minesweeper has taken over thousands of bodies. The only safe systems so far are those running any version of mac os or ios dure to their un-costomisability.