Midnight Sunrise

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Midnight Sunrise
Motto: The Sons will rise at Midnight!
Alignment: neutral
Date Founded: Godville will never know the date of our inception!
Membership Count: 3
Forum Headquarters: Midnight Sunrise
Guild Page: Midnight Sunrise 

A Brief History

The Midnight Sunrise is a code name for one of the oldest organizations in Godville, The Midnight Sons. The Midnight Sons' goal is to achieve an ancient and dark prophecy. The prophecy states: "A champion will be born, and he will slay a God. The blood will run down his blade, and when it does, he will become something greater than good or evil. He will become a God." For eons, Gods and Heroes, both evil and good, have competed to fulfill this prophecy for themselves. Gods wish to fulfill the prophecy so that they can brag amongst their comrades and foes; Heroes seek it's fulfillment so that they no longer have to quest. Regardless of the reasons, the prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Will there be a God and Champion who are destined for bragging rights and greatness?

An Ancient History

The Midnight Sunrise order was founded by two brothers, GodAphen  and GodAerizel . It was originally founded as a secret library that housed all the knowledge and artifacts they found on their adventures through Godville, but it eventually turned into a place for scholars of all kinds to meet. Upon Aphen's discovery of the ancient artifact, the Lodestone, he became a god and the goals of the Order changed. Aerizel then took control of the order and made its mission hunting down another Lodestone so that he could kill Aphen for his treachery. Aerizel saw Aphen's ascension as a betrayal because he did not take him on the expedition, nor did he tell Aerizel about it. It was through this quest that Aerizel discovered a prophecy that spoke of a champion strong enough to slay a god. He hid this prophecy away in hopes that one day it would bring him closer to Aphen. Shortly after this, he was lifted up to ascension by Aphen, they forgave each other and took joint ownership of the Order. They released the tale of the prophecy throughout the land, bringing other gods into the guild with the hope that one day the prophecy would be fulfilled for themselves.

Guild Goals and Guidelines

The Midnight Sunrise is a community for Gods of all alignments to gather for fellowship, help, and FRIENDLY competition. There is to be no bullying, insulting, or any other type of defamatory act in the Guild Council or the Forums. My hope for this guild is to create an environment where everyone can interact and role play safely and happily.


We offer discounts at various merchants that deal exclusively with our guild, a healing stone or access to one of many town doctors for free, and we also have a very large dance hall with a casino. Come in and play some games today, you won't regret it!


Here at the Midnight Sunrise guildhall, we have access to Godville's one and only Casino! Many games are available for play here. As a special deal, all new patrons will recieve a bag of Twilight Tokens, our signature currency of the guild. Each bag holds 25 tokens, a good starter amount. The rules of each game will be explained in sequence.

Pick a Card

The most popular game at our Casino! Pick a Card and it decides your fate! We feature two Pick a Card tables, and two less that pleasant dealers who don't have your best interests at heart! The very malevolent Mark, and the elderly and frail Ferris. There are two versions of the game: Solo, and Duet. In solo, you are dealt five cards from the solo deck, each with a different picture of a physical or elemental object. You pick one of the cards, your fate is read to you, and then carried out by the dealer. Fates can be either beneficial or dangerous. In duet, you and your partner and dealt five cards from the duet deck, each with a picture of an animal. Whoever decides to go first, picks their card and has their fate read. That person may then pass their fate to their partner and try to choose another more desirable fate. If they decline this opportunity, their fate is taken individually. Their partner then picks, and has their fate read to them. If the partner does not like their fate, they may pass their fate onto the first player and pick another fate. This doubles the fates that the first player has to see through. The partner cannot pass their fate if the first player decided to pass their fate first.

Champion Races

The Champion Races are a very special event here at the Night Gate Casino. One god can play this game solo, but it really shines when two gods participate. The god(s) will summon their champions to the casino and they will be transported into our special ever-changing obstacle course! They will have to use their wits (or borrow them), and their gods' help to pass the trials! While this event is going on, anyone may place bets on the winner using Twilight Tokens to pass the time. The winner (or in solo when the course is completed), the hero will be transported back to their original location and the participating god(s) will be awarded tokens or a prize. Any bets will be divided among the winners who placed bets.

The Battle Arena

Are you a god or goddess looking for adventure? If so, then the Battle Arena is for you! Our state of the art equipment will allow you to face an insurmountable challenge without fear of dying. Win or lose, there are great spoils. There are different challenges every week, and multiple gods can test their skills! And... of course, bets will be taken. If you have any ideas for challenges, you can email them to ivexxoneras@gmail.com, and they will be reviewed.

The Skirmish Zone

This area of the arena is for gods or goddesses who have disputes that cannot be settled by mere words. If you have a problem with someone, take it here. Of course, all Skirmishes will be bet on.

The Rewards Counter

Once you have accumulated a certain number of Twilight Tokens, take them to this counter for rewards!! Rewards consist of anywhere to a charge pack to other incentives both RP and digital rewards. So try your luck and start betting!


An alliance was formed with the guild Birds of Prey over a dispute involving an avian hatchling and a ninja bear. The details are inconsequential, just know that we are now friends. We are not forming any more alliances at this time.


The first members to join will be listed here with honors, then more members will be posted as rank is attained.

Our very first member was Floria and Gloria! They were very enthusiastic and joined right away.

Honorary Members

1. GodFloria and Gloria  2. GodAerizel  3. GodGarmodon