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Monsters of Godville
Micromanager 2.jpg
Class Tiny Humanoid
Habitat On shoulders of people they can easily boss around
Description Sharply dressed, loud, obnoxious small humans

The Micromanager is a monster. An extremely loud, annoying and tiny monster.

It will berate and harass any one it can sick it's poisonous tongue on. Any person weak willed enough to let this monster order them around will often find themselves forced to carry it on their shoulder and constantly listen to constant tirades about poor performance and how everybody will be disappointed in them. Because of the Micromanager's ability to control weak and helpless minds, heroes are terribly at risk. Even with plugged ears, it is impossible to block this monster out.

Eventually, the monster will have harassed its victim so much, that they will become a mindless drone, completely controlled by the monster's machinations. The final, heinous stage, once the hero has succumbed, is where the Micromanager squeezes into the ear and takes full, absolute control of the brain, linked to the workings of the body. Once inside the brain, this monster can be easily removed. By decapitation. This monster makes up for its lack of size with a sharp tongue and a devious intellect.

You never know, your friends might just be Micromanagers in disguise.



  • Great at manipulation
  • Crafty schemer
  • Great at climbing, as it must be to reach the heroine's or hero's shoulder
  • Easily able to out-think the feeble minds of heroes


  • No physical advantage whatsoever
  • Manhandling throws them off
  • If caught isolated on the ground, a good stomp will finish them off
  • Alternatively, a good slap to the shoulder should work

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