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Hello everyone! I’m a demon wolf but demon wolves are peaceful and don’t hurt others. My heroine is a human (long story on how we met. But if you want to read the story then read my chronicles. But it’s not finished yet.) How did I get to Godville? Well also a long story. I sorta found some rainbow portal and I sorta went through. Problem: Monsters can now enter Rainbow Land (where demon wolves live.)

Donuts Rule

My heroine LOVES adventure. I prefer defending Rainbow Land and eating donuts. I also like iced coffee. Yum! My heroine’s real name is Sally. Not very creative. I also love this emoji > 😛. Well I will soon have a hero page so you can read it from her view of life. (If you have any interest.) She’s quite dim. Well, I guess I should say goodbye. Gotta get back to my donuts! Here take one! 🍩

My heroine: Messenger Helper

Recipe 4 Donuts

This is simply a recipe 4 donuts. If you get hungry then leave this page right now. If not. Good. Then no need for a Dunkin Donuts emergency. JK. This is just totally fake. YOU CANNOT MAKE DONUTS ON COMPUTERS. AND EVEN IF YPU COULD THAT WOULD BE JUST PLAIN OLD WEIRD.


Here I will YEET! Well not the WHOLE time. But yeet yeet yeet yeet! Ha ha! Yeet yeet yeetyson! Yeet yeet yeet! Yeet For Godville! Doggo upgrade...

These yeets are made of silver. Not that yeets are silver. Next I may do brown. Who knows? If I yeet too much I will yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeeeeet!

yeet! Mr.🙂 is coming. I must yeet in his face! YEET! Mr.🙂: AHHHHHH! Me: Done!

I knew yeets would back down!

Story will be added someday

Someday I will write a story. Maybe I will start today. Who knows? Anyway... Stories are cool. I should add one. Or two.

Linking point

Link to Messenger Helper



Freya 12


The Rock Titan is a very very strong beast. He can kill a god in two hits. Yeah it’s serious. Read my chronicles to read more about The Rock Titan. 🙂 !!!: 🔽 Taco Alpaca 🔽 Hey! I’m an alt of Messenger Bob! Though I do think I should do something! Hmm... oops! Time to switch! Bye! !!!: 🔽 Messenger Bob 🔽

A story will be added now

Hey, didn’t I promise a story? Well it’s called “EXTRAS IN CHRONICLES” Yup! If you look at the the top you’ll see “EXTRAS” then look at “STORY” That will have the story. If you’re not satisfied with just “STORY” look at “FUN” or “CHILL STUFF” or “DREAM” (👻 Kinda of creepy 😱)