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Artifacts of Godville
Memory card
Memory Card.jpg
A couple of memory cards
Type 🧷Normal
Description Do you remember?

This artifact can store memories, dreams and other experiences.

A place to remember

In an island far away from Godville, a conclave of artificiers gathered to reach a new peak in technology. They tried to store and reproduce their dearest memories. After long days of work they managed to build a machine to hold and process memories.

They were euphoric about their invention, so much that they starved to death using it. It was years until a stranded trader ended up in their laboratory, which they ransacked.

Current Use

Nowadays Godvillian scholars have foundout, thanks to the trader's diary and reverse engineering, the true purpose of the memory cards. No replicas of the machine are known to exist. But scholars, and traders by extension, hoard them as powerful relics.