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Monsters of Godville
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

Despite it's name, the Mediogre is a highly effective, ruggedly handsome monster.

It discovered this while digging through the small bassinet that it was found in at the steps of the Godville Orphanage for the Unwanted Bairns and Barstewards. A media head shot of Brad Pitt (which he mistakenly took for a mirror), and a Who's Who page for Donald Trump (obviously a letter of reference left by his kindhearted but poor mother to aid in his acceptance into the Orphanage), may have had something to do with this healthy self image. His weapon of choice is a 'mildly unattractive' stick (all of the 'ugly sticks' were on back order), which he only uses as a equalizer on Heroes that he thinks are better looking than himself. Due to his healthy self esteem, it doesn't actually see much action, and you are more likely to be drawn into a conversation about the virtues of adoption than getting into a battle with it.