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Skills of Godville
Mass effect
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The hero employs the use of a mass effect field to decrease the size of his opponents weapons and armor, causing great discomfort to the opponent as his equipment begins to strain against his body.

In the Character Log:

  • It seems that my “mass effect” is just the right skill for killing the Court Martial Artist.
  • Spent hours punching a tree until I finally accumulated enough strength to increase the level of my “mass effect” skill.


Level 1

This skill merely shrinks the size of the opponent's undergarments causing minor wedgies.

Level 2-5

The hero is able to make the opponent's greaves smaller, often making their hands go numb and causing them to complain of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Level 6-10

All the opponent's armor is shrunken; limiting agility, reach, and general movement - major chafing occurs.

Level 11-20

The hero has almost mastered this skill, the opponent's armor is shrunk to extremely constricting proportions and their shields and weapons become half their original size.

Level 21+

Now perfected, this is a skill to be feared! Longswords are shrunk to the size of a mere thorn, shields are turned to grains of sand and the poor victim is literally crushed instantly by the contraction of their armor.