Map of uncharted territory

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Artifacts of Godville
Map of uncharted territory
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It pretty much is.
Type 🧷Normal
Description A map of unexplored places.

The Map of uncharted territory is a curious blank artifact as all places, even the ones unknown, shall be mapped.

Anatomy of a blank map

As obvious as it may be this maps are completely empty. All references (such as cardinal points, milestones or landmarks) are left to the hero/ine's discretion.

If you own an exemplar of this artifact, don't expect anything else than the piece of paper it is. Traders will sell them in this state and monsters, for reasons unknown, sometimes carry them too. It is white on the top and on the bottom, both sides are pale as snow, same goes for the four corners of the map and every inch in between.

What is the purpose?

The meaning of this maps is uncertain. Some say that it is just a lazy way for traders to sale spare paper sheets as if they were artifacts. Some others claim that it is a philosophical object, a tangible representation of the unknown.

A clean slate in which we can all imprint our ideal worlds, our dreamed country lost amidst "the unknown". But the most accepted theory is that this empty charts must be filled by the hero, for research purposes.

It is likely that cartographers decided to leave the field work to more seasoned travellers, especially because of the monsters.

How to fill it

First, you must mark all the milestones passed as dots in the map. Connect them to retrace your steps in space. This route will later be used as a refernce or even as the blueprint for a new road, who knows where it all might lead!

Second, you'll have to add any landmark or relevant place you passed through. Mountains, cities, farms, shrines, rivers, taller trees... Anything distinct can be considered a milestone, just think what could help another traveller orientate himself better. Feel free to add as many (or as many little) milestones as you wish, it's your map after all.

And last but not least, make sure to flesh out the map. We already have a boring line of landmarks as a Godville Map. Now that you have the chance, take your creativity for a ride and give your maps all the details necessary to make sure whoever reads it can imagine the places you mark.

There is no limit to your pencil, you can populate your chart with dense forests or lay out fields that stretch beyond the horizon. Your ink is the limit.

Maps submitted

Here is a collection of Maps donated anonymously by traders:

Last Resort - Healiopolis

LR-HP map.jpg