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Champion of the God: Arcano
Personality: virtuous
Gender: Male
Level: 88
Motto: At least I'm useful!!
Guild: Infinity Waffles
Guild Rank: prophet
Guild Position: Waffle Watcher
Pet Type: Prancing Pony
Pet Name: Sneezy
Pet Level: 22
Favorite Town: Anvile


Not much known about this hero. He was rumored to be an incarnation of 'The Great Random', the god who created the land of Godville but faded before the newer generation of gods arrive. Some said that Malicius is secretly smart but being foolish only to infuriate his god or everyone around him. It was confusing really. Even this page couldn't provide more information about this enigmatic hero...


After leveling himself to level 12, he quested himself to join Companions of the Nine guild, suggested by one of his friend, Q-2. It was fun at first, until Malicius realized how arrogant the guild is toward their newest recruit, Oceanos. He then decided to leave the guild and join Blue Feather instead. Right now, he cooks for his new guild mates and occasionally contribute on the guild forum as a stalker. Hehehe...


Malicius' first pet is a Sun Dog named Koda. Unfortunately, due to insufficient funds, he couldn't resurrect his pet in no time, so he decided to let it go. (cue 'Let It Go' from Frozen) He also had a Talking Donkey named Bolt, but alas, his pet died on level 9 and once again couldn't resurrect it. He let go this one as well. Finally, Malicius obtained a Prancing Pony named Sneezy. Malicius had learned his lesson. Every time his pet die, he quickly gather enough gold then rush to the nearby town to resurrect it. Now, Sneezy is level 22! Malicius couldn't be more happier and prouder with his pet.