Magrat Garlick

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Magrat Garlick
Champion of the God: Perspicacia Tick
Personality: Wet Hen
Gender: Female
Level: 101
Guild: Ankh-Morpork City Guard
Guild Rank: Captain
Wins / Losses: 50, 60
Temple Completion Date: 05/04/13
Ark Completion Date: 11/02/2015
Pairs Gathered Date: 01/02/2019
Current Savings: 13M, 518k
Pet Type: Hyper Lynx
Pet Name: Sparky
Pet Level: 28
Pet Personality: Infernal
Favorite Town: Laplandville

Magrat Garlick (pronounced Magg-rat) is named as such, because her mother wanted to call her Margaret, but couldn't spell properly. Unfortunately, when her own daughter Esmerelda was to be named she wrote very careful instructions which resulted in the proclamation of "Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre". Magrat is thin, with a frequently red nose and an unruly mass of frizz and split ends that still awaits a Good Hair Day.

Magrat is the Queen Of Lancre, consort of H.M. King Verence II. Previously, however, she was the junior witch in the Lancre coven. She isn't much good at witching magic, despite her large collection of magical jewellery, charms, and such ordered from Ankh-Morpork. However she has shown some impressive skill. She is a very good herb-woman and pharmacist and unusually literate for a Lancrastian.

As a witch, she tends toward research, particularly into herbs and potions. Magrat is a doer of good deeds and a worrier, a believer in the goodness of Nature and the psychic benefits of aromas and colors. She nurses fallen baby birds until they die and never gives up hope...but, when her husband and her country are attacked, she channels Warrior-Queen Ynci and goes out in vintage armor to commit mayhem as necessary.

As the Queen, she tries to support Verence's ambition to modernise and democratise Lancre although she knows that the citizens have little appetite for change and less for democracy; she is a buffer between the eager King and his lackadaisical country.