Magnum opus

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Artifacts of Godville
Magnum opus
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

The Magnum Opus is an artifact that is not bold or activate-able. It is often considered such an accomplishment to obtain this particular artifact because: it takes a tremendous amount of inspiration (thinking of and designing the original project), determination (starting and explaining the project), perspiration (financing and working on the project), and the actual amount of time it takes for the project to reach its completion. Many such a project are started, only to be completely abandoned like a newbie hero alt which has been banished from the forums by the administrators.

The Magnum Opus is generally the culmination of someone’s work, making it a lifetime achievement to obtain. Heroes often yearn to find an artifact to name after themselves, to be able to say they created this masterpiece, or an item worthy of leaving behind as their legacy. Thus, all other artifacts pale in comparison to the Magnum Opus to the hero. Most heroes often spend a lifetime comparing the size of their Magnum Opus to everyone else’s.

The Magnum Opus is considered to be the greatest (or at least the most important) work of a hero. The artifact’s value is not normally recognized until many years, if not decades or even centuries, later. Heroes may not agree with the merchant offering to buy their Magnum Opus, but they will always sell it anyway because better one beer in hand than none. Heroes are fickle after all.