Magicians Red

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Deities of Godville
Magicians Red 
Hero Insaneko
Personality Gentle
Gender Genderless
Guild position Founder


One of the Great 10 Magicians of Godville, Magicians Red was actually a turkey, then the turkey generated a humanoid body, and before he/she even knew he became a God. Magicians Red is genderless, due at birth he/she didn't had any particular organs that determine a male or female, so therefore genderless. Magicians Red was the master of fire and heat, and was known of the few who could summon the Phoenix. Magicians Red's hero is Insaneko, which Magicians Red accidentally summoned from another world. Once almost used a skill called "Crossfire Hurricane" which removes a city from the face of the world.


Magicians Red Full Appearance

Magicians Red has a humanoid-figure, and a bird-like head, Magicians Red has a muscular body, with burning flames on the legs.


Magicians Red doesn't have parents, no birth place nor birth date. Magicians Red's existence is unknown, Magicians Red was first seen near 61st Milestone

Birth and Childhood

At the arrival of Magicians Red to the world known as Godville, he/she was a turkey, so farmers tamed Magicians Red and even thought of eating Magicians Red, at the age of 3, Magicians Red's wings transformed into humanoid arms, and it shocked the farmer and sold Magicians Red to Monsterdam's Monster Seller,at the age of 5, Magicians Red became more human-like, beside from his head as it look turkey-like, at the age of 8, Magicians Red knew to control heat, and burned the whole Monster Seller (or Slave Trader) Building, and escaped.

After and Present

After Magicians Red escaped, Magicians Red thought of adventuring, and Magicians Red began his journey, in Magicians Red's journey, he/she met several of heroes, and he/she noticed that every hero he/she met had a God, and after 2 years, Magicians Red was one of the Great 10 Magicians, because of Magicians Red's powerful Fire, and Heat magic. Then one day he/she was just strolling on the nearby forests, then suddenly a bright light shined upon Magicians Red, the light was so bright that it can burn an organism easily, Magicians Red was in too much pain, that he/she almost released his/her most strongest skill yet, "Crossfire Hurricane", and as the light vanished, Magicians Red's foot was on fire. Magicians Red became a God, After a week Magicians Red saw a sigil with incantations on the ground of his/her room, Magicians Red ignored it and sat on his/her chair and drank tea, and Magicians Red saw word saying "Summon", Magicians Red read it out loud, and he/she accidentally summoned Insaneko, Magicians Red spilled his/her tea in shock. So therefore, Magician Red made Insaneko his/her hero, and watched and read Insaneko's diary. Magicians Red continued to support Insaneko on his adventure.

Crossfire Hurricane


-Magicians Red came from the Anime, Jojo Bizzare Adventure

-Magicians Red's Favorite food is Turkey, (Cannibalism)