Mad Scientist

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Monsters of Godville
Mad Scientist
Class Human
Habitat Time Machines
Totem for Skeatseria Lodge ⚜️ 
Description Best described as: 'Mad'

The Mad Scientist is a common monster of Godville

General Information

In the lands of Godville there is no such thing as a regular scientist because scientists spread theories about non-existence of Gods and other crazy things of how life is supposed to be just a big page of text, this is considered great blasphemy and they themselves are considered mad and godless.

Mad scientists do not have an aggressive nature, although they will attack you if they consider you a good specimen for one of their crazy experiments, if they defeat you your body will probably be used to create a 'Prankenstein'. Mad scientists do not seem like a big threat, but they are highly intelligent and have access to 'witchcraft' that has never been seen in Godville.


Before being an outlaw, Mad Scientists had written the bigger part of the books existent in Godville, here are some known ones:

  • The Philosophy of Rapture
  • The Dark Pages of the Dark Ages
  • Gods: Fact or Myth?
  • How I saw the future
  • The Art of the mad laugh
  • MAD Magazine
  • MADICINE is better than MEDICINE



  • Very high IQ
  • Powerful technology
  • Possess time machines
  • Know the result of each gamble
  • Magnificent hair
  • Knowledgeable in Sciences-Chemistry, Biology and Physics
  • Some are known to possess alchemist skills


  • Often old and fragile
  • Gods hate them
  • Are often too busy laughing madly and explaining their evil plots instead of dealing with the problem
  • Will be mentally paralyzed by proof that God exists