Lord Yogans

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Deities of Godville
Lord Yogans 
Hero Dark Eagle
Personality Virtuous

Who is this god? Well, GodLord Yogans  is a very ancient god, that about 20.000 years ago was really well-known, and prefer to be referred as "_he_", based on the artifacts. And he also has a temple, which is known as Thunder Major Temple. But around 5000 years ago, he enters his slumber and gone from the world of living, and forgotten.

In this current time of Godville, he has awaken and trying to get worshiped again.

After years of trying to find a good human who can be his new first worshiper, he found Dark Eagle and now, his comeback is just in matter of time.

At the moment, his champion is trying to once again find the Thunder Major Temple to proof the existence, and the chances are going to be very little, since the legend once written in the temple said, " Once the people forget this holy place, then none shall ever come again. " So now, he must build a new temple for his god. Well, either way, he eventually will found the old temple again.