Loch Ness Lobster

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Monsters of Godville
Loch Ness Lobster
Homarus Loch-Ness
Class Arthropod
Habitat Lakes, especially mysterious ones
Description A monstrous, yet edible lobster.

The Loch Ness Lobster (Homarus Loch-Ness) is a large monster. It is a giant pink/purple lobster that is about the size of a commercial van. It lives in lakes and its massive size makes it easily mistaken as a Loch Ness Monster.

General Information

Loch Ness Lobsters often live in the deepest parts of the deepest lakes, rarely coming up into shallower waters. Their opalescent pinkish purple bodies make them hard to see in the water. They are also big enough to prey on anything smaller than them, especially heroines who swim to far off shore. Despite these deadly habits, they themselves are a common delicacy, especially in Monstro City, where they are commonly farmed. This is because a bigger lobster simply means a larger meal for anyone who likes eating them. Heroines are often recommended to sell any specimens of this monster they kill, as they sell for a high price.

The best way to kill this monster is for heroines to lure it from the depths and let it chase them to the shore. This monster is extremely unintelligent and seems to even be willing to leave whatever lake it is living in to catch its prey. Once the monster is on dry land, keep running until the monster completely dries out. From there, the monster is almost guaranteed dead and the heroine has a year's supply of seafood.



  • Massive
  • Hard to see in water
  • Pursues its prey


  • Extremely unintelligent
  • Common Delicacy
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