Loan Shark

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Monsters of Godville
Loan Shark
Pistris Crediti
a Loan Shark taunting a hero
Habitat fish banks and river banks
Description A natural and financial predator

The Loan Shark (Pistris Crediti) is a monster with a craving for both flesh and gold.

General Information

Loan Sharks are sea monsters that, instead of eating only flesh, often indulge in swallowing gold coins. It is unknown why they enjoy eating gold, what we know is that this creatures will stop at nothing to fetch a bag of coins for themselves; no tactic too ruthless, no sin too shameful, and no action too cruel. Obviously this monsters have become one of the major money lenders in Godville, their modus operandi is usually lending money to drunk (and penniless) heroes that gather around taverns, and taking advantage of the poor drunkards they lend them more beer money. Obviously no hero can return that loam, and so the sharks eat them once they get near a river. The heroes obviously resist being swallowed whole and will try to fight off the sharks, sometimes even killing and looting the monster.



  • Gold plated fangs.
  • Interest rates that go beyond what heroes can count.
  • Big mouth and bigger greed


  • Pretty much defenseless once out of the water.
  • The gold coins stuffed inside his stomach can be heard in a 600 meters (barely 1970 ft).
  • Anything made of gold can easily distract him.