Lizard of Oz

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Monsters of Godville
Lizard of Oz
Lacerta ozis
Class Giant Lizard
Habitat Grassy plains, warm rocks and excessively green cities
Description A big, bright green lizard that may offer random advice

The Lizard of Oz (Lacerta ozis) is a monster that, for many years, lived in another land offering advice to the inhabitants of an 'Emerald City'.


One day, a man calling himself the 'Wizard of Oz' (a blatant and poor copy of the magnificent title of Lizard of Oz) usurped the honoured Lizard's position of advisor, leaving the Lizard of Oz jobless and forgotten.

The Lizard spent years wandering the land of Oz, watching the citizens they once cared for and advised from the shadows, until witches started turning up and some girl with a small yappy creature dropped out of the sky in a house. Things had started getting weird, so the Lizard of Oz decided to move on.

Using an ancient ritual of dubious authenticity, the Lizard of Oz created a portal to a new land. Other than the somewhat confusing side effect of repeatedly cloning anything that passed through it, the portal worked perfectly.

The Lizard of Oz found itself in a new land, surrounded by copies of itself. Making enquiries with the locals, who seemed rather calm about being confronted by a giant talking lizard, it quickly deduced that it had a choice between two jobs. It could either become a hero or a monster.

A hero would be required to complete quests, build temples and arks, and put up with the sporadic interference of a deity. A monster would be required to wander the land, carrying gold and artifacts, and occasionally attack heroes.

The Lizard of Oz quickly signed up to be a monster, before a passing deity could take interest in them. What sort of mentally deficient person would want to become a hero? With its new status as a monster of Godville, it set out to live a life of senseless violence and casual exploring.

On days when they don't feel like moving much, want to harass heroes in more creative ways, or are feeling nostalgic for their old home, the Lizard of Oz can be found disguising itself as a wise sage, offering advice to heroes and sending them on quests.



  • Superior disguising abilities
  • Knows a little bit about everything
  • Can re-grow limbs
  • It knows where Australia is


  • Hates the cold
  • Cannot resist stopping to offer advice if asked
  • Is easily drawn into angry rants about wizards
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