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Geography of Godville
Little-big pond
Description Unknown

The Little Big Pond was once an ordinary pond, not worthy of being a proper landmark. The only interesting thing about it was how small it was. But one day that all changed. A powerful wizard was fighting monsters for his god. He beat every foe he faced even admins were scared to fight him. The monsters held a meeting in a secret HQ which they had set up in Godville without anyone finding out. Amongst the topics they discussed such as hero-killing tips and how to flee in a courageous way was what should be done about the powerful wizard. They decided to create a super monster that would be able to destroy the wizard's magical powers.

It took only three days for a group of Mad Scientists to create this monster. The end result was not as vicious as they had hoped but it was immensely powerful. It was called 'The Poltergeist'. The Mad Scientists presented the monster two weeks later at the next meeting. It was agreed after some debate that the monster would be able to defeat the wizard. So they briefed it with its mission and released it to find the wizard.

The wizard was confronted by the poltergeist in a wide open field. He used spell after spell to try to destroy it but nothing had any effect. The poltergeist, in contrast, barely harmed the wizard. At first it was content with following him around, making armpit farts at awkward moments but it soon grew more annoying, throwing eggs and flour at him. Usually the wizard managed to stay calm, as he knew that if he got cross the poltergeist would try to provoke him further. However one day, when the wizard was travelling to Trollbridge after a very bad morning, the poltergeist poured a gallon of treacle over his head.

This was the final straw. The wizard gathered up all his power and used it to trap the poltergeist in a small pond nearby. The spell worked however the wizards powers never came back, he arrived at Trollbridge looking completely ridiculous and with no magic. The poltergeist had, in a way, completed its task however it was trapped in the pond.

The poltergeist spent decades trapped in the pond, unable to do anything but watch the world go by. The monster HQ had by this point been discovered and destroyed but the poltergeist didn't see this. It only saw what was near the pond. After twenty years of watching and trying to kill time the poltergeist felt its powers beginning to resurface. It found that it could control the pond it was confined to. For instance if it twitched in a certain way all the frogs in the pond would panic and hop away as fast as they could. This was not a very useful skill but it was amusing and would have made a neat party trick. The poltergeist began to find new ways of controlling the pond. Occasionally he would make the water turn bright purple or jump one foot to the right. This caused the villagers to name it Mystery pond. It found that if it concentrated very hard it could increase the size of the pond.

These days the poltergeist passes the time by waiting for heroes to get close to the pond and then making the pond grow until they end up inside it, soaking wet. Many heroes have been drenched by the pond and one man even drowned as he couldn't swim. The citizens of a small village in the close proximity of the pond called it Little-big pond and put a sign up as a warning to travellers. After the sign was made even more people became a victim of Little-big pond as they came closer to it so as to read the sign. Heroes should avoid the pond unless they are prepared to have all their trophies ruined.


!Hero's Diary
Sent Myyr on a scouting mission into Little Big Pond. He returned with badges for knot-tying and helping people cross the street.

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