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Originally a second pair of arms, heroes of ancient times realized that they could be adapted for the purpose of travelling. The gods, surprised at the heroes' uncharacteristically clever idea, worked on improving the design of the legs until they reached the present day version 7.0.1 and since they were so radically different from arms, new pieces of armour had to be forged in order to protect these new appendages. These pieces of armour were also called 'legs' in accordance with the same tradition of Arms. Leg armour is actually more useful since a simple kick in the shins can render most heroes useless for the following 24 hours. This type of armour prevents this from happening but as a consequence, tends to wear away quicker. On a side note, there is currently a myth circulating that some heroes are able to grow a third leg. In actual fact, this is not true but instead a case of mistaken identity.

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