Legend Hunt

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Legend Hunt
Champion of the God: Jovoid
Personality: virtuous
Gender: Male
Level: 76
Motto: Oh Your God!
Guild: xLegendz
Guild Rank: regent
Wins / Losses: 101 / 78
Temple Completion Date: June 27, 2015
Ark Completion Date: August 15, 2017
Current Savings: 5,650,000
Pet Type: Dreaded Gazebo
Pet Name: Stubby
Pet Level: 22
Pet Healing Count: 1
Favorite Town: Roflopolis
Largest Ever Gold: 2822

About Legend Hunt

A great hero with a great god, GodJovoid, guiding him all the way in his journeys...

His God

Legend Hunt has a great and very attractive god, GodJovoid. His god is the most powerful god in all of Godville time! MUAHAHAHAHA!

His god's best personality is that he is humble, oh so humble...

Legend Hunt often prays to his mighty god, even when he is not in his temple to show his loyalty to his god so that god GodJovoid will bless him in his journeys and make him overcome any obstacles that come in his way.

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