Leave no stone unturned

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Quests of Godville


Leave no stone unturned
Difficulty: 4/10

Leave no stone unturned is a quest that tests a hero's patience and endurance. This is a common test for heroes who want to enter a special club, usually an exclusive bar or pub(after all, beer is a good incentive for our alcoholic friends).

They will be told that they need 100 special tokens in order to enter, and that these tokens are hidden under 100 random stones, somewhere out in the wilderness of Godville. As a result, the heroes look under every single stone they come across to see if one of the aforementioned tokens are underneath. Very little brainpower needed, just a lot of patience.

The only real dangers from this quest are monsters which attack the hero whilst he is looking under a stone and the risk of being driven insane looking for that ONE GOD DAMN TOKEN WHICH WON'T SHOW ITSELF! Apart from that, there is no, proper danger. This quest should take no more than 8 hours because there are more than 100 tokens out there because, of course, there is more than one hero attempting this quest.

Tip: The special stones all look identical. If you find one token, just look under similar looking rocks from then on.