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Artifacts of Godville
Learning curve
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

The Learning curve was created when a hero wanted to show off to a few other heroes while sitting around a campfire. He asked his god for enlightenment, but the god was none too keen on fulfilling the request, especially having come from his only follower. The disinterested deity did, however, draw some dots to make a graph on a piece of paper detailing the difficulty for dimwits heroes to learn things other than punching monsters, hitting other heroes, chugging beer, or similar basic motor functions. The final product was sent down to the heroes, but it landed partly in the campfire. A quick-witted hero grabbed the burning piece of paper and waved it around for a few seconds before being mauled by the others, each claiming they saw it first. Miraculously this managed to stop the burning of the paper. It also extinguished the campfire, but only after the ambitious campfire spread in two directions, becoming Godville's fourth and fifth largest forest fires on record. Ignoring the blazing excitement around them, the heroes stared in awe at the revelation on the remaining mangled piece of a piece of paper. Officials have since included it on a list of official documents, naming it, "the not very straight line of learning for heroes". Copies are mainly found on new monsters who mistakenly think it will help in learning the weaknesses of heroes, but to that end it appears quite useless.