Learn some magic from the wizards of the coast

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Quests of Godville


Learn some magic from the wizards of the coast
a wizard of the coast showing some tricks to a hero

This fantastic adventure will carry your hero to the mighty wizards of the coast, this is a quest for heroes of levels 1 to 100.

General Information

This quest consists in finding the wizards of the coast (one of the most advanced magic schools in Godville) and convincing said magicians to teach the hero a little bit of their craft. The wizards of the coast are a group of wizards that decided to retire from magic after discovering an elixir of everlasting youth, to amuse themselves the wizards devote their time inventing and playing boardgames. They so far invented a card game to simulate magic battles with terrifying beasts and mighty spells, the wizards also enjoy pretending to be heroes by playing a game called "Heroes & Divines" where they recreate quests that heroes told them about. The wizards are always willing to hear a good story to replay on their H&D sessions, and (may a hero ask them) they will take heroes as guests and teach them some harmless cantrip.

Here is a list some spells heroes have learnt after completing this quest:

  • Renewing: Heroes that know this spell can mend small objects (such as clothes, keys, knifes, etc.) leaving no trace of the original damage. This cantrip requires two loadstones to rub together in order to work.
  • Floating Glow: This trick allows the hero to create four small light orbs from a small amount of phosphorus, this orbs can be moved at will by the hero. This trick is pretty impressive in dungeons and taverns alike.
  • Prestidigitation: Using this spell, adventurers may spawn small flames and sparks that, even though can't burn, are quite impressive.
  • Magical Hand: We all need an extra hand sometimes, and with this cantrip any hero can summon a magic hand that can steal, slap and even more.

Tips for Completion

  • Have good chronicles, wizards of the coast love to read chronicles.
  • Tell your hero to go to the Sacred Archipelago, everything there is coast.
  • As a rule of thumb, be polite and patient with wizards that can obliterate a whole island, for safety reasons.