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Monsters of Godville
Last Minuteman
Prodico piger hominem
Last Minuteman.jpg
"Huh? Oh yeah I'm going to finish my work near the deadline."
Class Humanoid
Habitat Private Properties, Furniture Stores
Description In other words, a procrastinator

The Last Minuteman (Prodico piger hominem) are a type of humanoid monster that are solely known for their reputation of being adrenaline junkies and procrastinators. They are also known as the last-minute-plan-canceller, Mc-rushed-handwritings and many more (courtesy of many volunteered monsters, heroes, heroines, and co-workers).

General Information

!A Newsman in Godvillewood
13:59 It's a bird! No, it's a plane! Wait! It's a colony of Last Minuteman!

It is a familiar sight to seasoned travellers of Godville to see a Last Minuteman parachuting in at the last possible moment using a storm umbrella for transportation. It hasn't been dated when the Last Minuteman species started using this transportation method. A reporter from Godvillewood visited the Oldest Aged Monsters Retirement Home for the oldest documented monsters to interview the oldest Last Minuteman about this phenomenon. Here's a snippet of the recorded interview;

"I think, we (Last Minutemen) were born with it! I remember the old days when—"
— Last Minuteman (Female), The Oldest Aged Monsters Retirement Home

Nowadays, it's a common sight to see any flying, falling Last Minutemen the moment you leave town. You can also see them arriving near town shouting "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" or "I'M LATE!" and even a "50 SECONDS TILL DEADLINE!" Eye-witnesses say it's one of the most spectacular sights they've seen due to many colourful clothing articles descending down to the ground in groups with a somewhat graceful manner.[1]

It's also quite a mystery why these monsters are attacking heroes and heroines. Some say that a lot of heroes are the reason why many Last Minutemen are scolded by their superiors. Others say that any hero that encounters a Last Minuteman will annoy it so that they will stop procrastinating. Whatever the heroes and heroines did, the Last Minutemen aren't happy with them and will attack on sight.



  • Gets faster when deadlines are near
  • Able to fly and fall at frightening speeds
  • Able to join the circus due to their acrobatic acts when falling
  • A pretty chill and cool species


  • Makes plans at the worst time possible, including last-minute plans
  • Weak to idiots and clowns
  • Can fall to their doom when they're outside
  • So chill and cool that they can accidentally freeze themselves



  1. A reference to Taylor Swift's ME! music video.
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