Lake of Maiden's Tears

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The Maiden of the Lake.


The Lake of Maiden's Tears is a lake located at the 170th milestone. Diary entries are needed...

!Hero's Diary
04:42 The Lake of Maiden's Tears always gives me chills. I think I died here once. Badly.


Local dwarves gave this beautiful and poetical name to the most mysterious landmark of San Satanos – the waterfall in the Great Lava Desert of Trogh. But do not hope to see roaring falling streams of water there. The “Maiden's Tears” are hundreds of crystal streamlets which are flowing down the molten rock. And there is something supernatural it this: the streamlets become as pure as the tears of a beauty. This phenomenon is praised by an ancient legend …


Once upon a time on the place of the waterfall there lived a shepherds' family. They had a beautiful daughter. She took care of goats and often went with them high in mountains. The mountain spirit saw her and fell in love with her. She loved in him too. The malicious jealous witch learnt about it and shouted so loudly that mountains shuddered, the rivers began to boil and centuries-old trees were uprooted: “I shall not allow a mortal to love an immortal spirit. Not until I am the ruler here!”

The malicious witch decided to kill the young girl. She seized her and lifted her high above the mountain edges: “I will throw you down on the rocks and there your bones will be picked by birds of prey if you don't refuse from love to the mountain spirit”. The girl started begging her for mercy and calling her friend but he was too far from those places and did not hear his beloved. Then the girl began to beg the witch to spare he love. But the witch was relentless. Suddenly the tears of love poured from the girl's eyes and her voice rang all over the gorges and mountains:

“When I die, you'll pay for these tears. For thousand years they will flow and flow down the mountain ledge. Also there will be no rest for you ever for the human love you ruined.”

Since then the unfortunate maiden's tears have been flowing down.

Distinctive Features

The Lake.

The Maiden Tears Waterfall is a place where you can make a wish. All bushes growing there are covered with fabric pieces and bands.

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