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Champion of the God: Kraddi
Personality: Virtuous
Gender: Male
Level: 18
Motto: In KFC we trust ( ̄(工) ̄)
Guild: Black Order
Guild Rank: Intern
Pet Type: Dust Bunny
Pet Name: Snowy
Pet Level: 1

Koufuku, a name given to him by his father in the hope of his son living a happy life as his name suggests, was one of the generals in the royal army of Godville. He had hoped to follow in his father's footsteps and become a reliable person for those around him, which drove him to join the army and rise to the rank of the generals within a few years. As he gained more power, he soon realised that the position he fought so hard for was for nothing, as the tyrannical King he served under has the final say in all matters.

After enduring for a year after he became a general, he could no longer sit back and do nothing as the King continues his rampage. He confronted the King to voice his concerns, but to no avail, the King became furious of Koufuku's ideals and punished him by sentencing him to a month in solitary confinement. Koufuku's determination to help the citizens with all the power he had brought together four other generals in the royal army, and thus an alliance formed. The five generals would meet every week to discuss the matters of the kingdom and propose plans to aid the citizens who fell victim to the King, bandits, and other influential figures. As the number of these meetings increased, so do the number of followers. This led to the formation of the guild Black Order.

The five generals and the followers still work together to this day, assisting those in need from the shadows, where the law cannot reach them, with the help of their god Kraddi.