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Motto: Each of us burns with the Will of Fire!
Alignment: Humane
Membership Count: 98 and rising...
Guild Page: Konohagakure 
Data current as of 29.3.2013


Konohagakure - a.k.a. Village Hidden in the Leaves. Our village houses the strongest shinobi in the ninja world. We welcome any clan or bloodline in our village, so long as you are willing to give your life for the greater good of the people in Konoha.


Of the endless number of ninja clans in the past, the Uchiha and Senju clans were the strongest. As such, these 2 clans were each others' biggest rivals. After much bloodshed, the Senju clan offered a truce to the Uchiha. Uchiha Madara, the leader of the Uchiha, objected to this truce. He only agreed after the rest of the clan forced him to accept. The Senju, the Uchiha, and the other clans conquered by the Uchiha came together to create Konohagakure. Senju Hashirama, the leader of the Senju (and Madara's #1 rival), used his Mokuton Jutsu (Wood Release) to produce much of the village's infrastructure. For this reason, he was selected to be the First Hokage by the villagers.

Planning A Visit?


Konoha Hot Springs

Your travels must have been tiring, stop by the Konoha Hot Springs for rest and relaxation. A sure bet to rejuvinate your chakra! No peeking through the divider, please.


Hokage Monument

One of the spots Konohagakure is most well known for. See the faces of our former Hokage etched out of the side of the mountain. Occasionally they are defaced by a troublesome prankster who likes to paint all over the faces. Please don't mind, that issue has been taken care of.


Yamanaka Flowers

If you are interested in the colorful floura in the Konoha area, be sure to stop by Yamanaka Flowers for all your floral needs. Whether you need a bouquet for an anniversary or just want to spice up your home with the numerous species found in the Fire Country, Yamanaka Flowers has it all!


Ichiraku Ramen

No visit to Konoha would be complete without a stop at Ichiraku Ramen. This legendary spot has been visited by the strongest Ninja in the world to fill their bellies after a hard mission. NO ONE can defeat hunger. Double portions available!



PLEASE do not enter any of the training areas, these areas are crawling with monsters and are only reserved for controlled examinations for our Ninja academy. Please set an appointment with the dean of the academy for any questions or requests for tours. If you find yourself lost in the Forest of Death, please head for the tower in the middle and use the intercom to alert one of our Anbu to come and retrieve you. We appreciate your cooperation.


S-RANK Mission #1

QUI - Questing Under the Influence

Although you should always try and gain influence in all towns if you have the Godpower to spare, we are focusing on Tradeburg as our main town to try and influence. To do this, wait until your hero sells his/her loot, and is no longer talking to the trader. Then use your Encourage button for a chance that your hero will do something ridiculous to try and win the hearts of the townspeople. In reality, you can gain influence as soon as you are in town. If you encourage while with the trader, however, you might get an item or money, which isn't so bad either! If you want the maximum possibility that your hero will get an influence, wait until after the trader.

Be sure to post the diary entry into the Guild Council Chat so we will know!

A-RANK Mission #1

Shintenshin No Jutsu

Use your Voice Commands to say something to your hero, in an attempt to spread the word of our Guild through random shouts. Try to think of such grandiose cliché one liners, that it would make even Guy-Sensei blush!

Same here, be sure to post the entry into the Guild Council Chat every once in a while so everyone will know.

If you have another mission for your fellow ninja, please post it in the Guild Council chat.


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