Knights of the Nine

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Knights of the Nine


The order was named the Knights of the Nine after the religious faith of its founder, Sir Amiel. The headquarters, the Priory of the Nine, is located in the West Weald, Cyrodiil. Sir Amiel founded the order with the intent of finding the lost relics of the Devine Crusader. Although Sir Amiel and the original members managed to find the lost relics, the order’s success was not to last. One by one the knights were separated from the relics they found and the order dissolved. Though the relics may be lost in a distant land, the order still lives on here in the realm of Godville with the new mission of spreading the word of the Nine Devine and protecting its denizens.

How to Join

If your heart is true and your courage unwavering, there may be a place for you among the Knights of the Nine. When your hero finds himself not in battle, let him hear the words:

Join "Knights of the Nine" guild

Your hero will then be given a quest to prove his worth, and if his courage does not falter he may then don the title of our order, Knight of the Nine.

Guild Officers

Recorded here, you will find the names of those who would lead us all

Divine Crusader Nathaniel the Great
Knight Commander Dib01
Knight Errant Auridan

Current Knights of the Order

Below is a litany of name of active knights

  • Nathaniel the Great
  • Dib01
  • Auridan

So ends this page.