Knights of Letidael

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"Over the mountains and through the blizzard
No Hero shall rival my blade
Countless battles and endless wars
Killed my heart and torn my soul
On the hill of swords reciting the final prayer
Embracing my destiny as the Lonely Hero
Sworn to this hour, as the second Knight
Letidael, as the Knight of Light!"

             -Hikari Kishi, oath-taking as the 2nd Knight of Letidael.
The Crest of Letidael

The Castle of Letidael is a mystical entity within the realm of Godville, hidden from the vision of common heroes moonwalking from town to town. Within the castle exist an elite and lethal force, reputed as the Knights of Letidael.

The Order of Letidael is a distinguished class and exclusive guild. All Knights are of such exceptional calibre and possess only the finest combat skills. All Knights must undertake a binding oath as a proof of their extraordinary courage and brilliance.

Knight of Light - Hikari Kishi
Knight of Darkness - Kurokishi

The creed

As a Knight of The Finest Order
As a pursuer of Justice and champion of Valour
I smite all shields and crush all armour
My Sword Unsheathed and remains unrivalled
Fear my Might and all my fellow swordsmen
The Shiniest Knights
The Knights of Letidael!''

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